Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Product of the Day- Brush

I have found the most perfect brush to use for applying
cream blushes and highlighters.
And the best part about it.... it's flippin $3!!!!
I like using more cream products this time of the year for a more dewy finish
that looks fresh for spring. I have several cream and liquid highlighters and have been either
applying them with my fingers or a sponge. Not the worst application method, but after
finding the small stipple brush by e.l.f. my heart has been stolen.
If you have never owned a stipple brush you should. I have a larger stipple brush by
Real Techniques that I use for applying foundation. If you aren't familiar with the purpose
of a stipple brush it's basically to provide a soft, flawless, more natural finish. A buffing
brush that a lot use for buffing in foundation provides a bit more coverage, but the idea
of a stipple brush is that you get a more natural flawless finish.
The size of this small stipple brush is perfecto for highlighters b/c when highlighting you
are applying a product to a small concentrated area (typically the tops of your cheekbones.)
This brush allows so much control in where you are placing the product!
Love, Love, Love it! If you are into cream blushes or highlighters I would highly
recommend a trip to your local Target store!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Rewind

Here we are again... back at Monday.
Where do my weekends keep running off to?
On Monday's I've been linking up with Lindsey for fashion posts.
Go check out her blog and link up if you have an outfit you want to share!
I posted a picture a while back on Instagram of a potential Easter dress I was considering
buying by Bar III. I did indeed buy and wear it for Easter and thought I would pass along
the deets. Quick nugget of info on me... I love, love, love Rachel Roy and Bar III dresses
at Macy's. I am the probably the most indecisive person you will ever encounter at times
and finding brands that I love and can go directly to in a big department store has
alleviated much anixety.

Don't you just love all the peplum stuff out right now. This is the only piece
I currently own, but I find it so classy and feminine.
I'm a big fan of this light turquoise color for spring/summer.

This dress has a snug fit, high neckline, and a back exposed zipper. I love this dress
because I feel that it's very funtional. I wore this to church, but could also wear to work
with a tan cardigan or blazer, or a wedding.

The shoes are a nude closed toe sling by Nine West. I paired a strand of pearls along
with my Bulova square faced watch.

If interested Macy's still has this dress and it's actually on sale. Click here for
more info.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Face of the Day

Happy Happy Friday! 

I hope you have fun weekend plans ahead. 

Here's a quick FOTD post to share some of the beauty goods I've been 
using and loving! 

Seriously, how pale am I right now?!?! aghhhhh, get that out of here... I need SUN!!! 
So ready for some beach and poolside. 

Oh, and sorry about the light switch just hanging out in the background . 

I don't claim to be a photographer! 

So, in my opinion the key things that stand out in this look are 
eyes, cheeks, and lips so I decided to just share those for this look and 
not overwhelm you with everything I used. 

Blush: NYX Rose Garden 
a gorgeous bright pink with shimmer 

Highlighter: Lorac Perfectly Lit powder in Spotlight 
lovely natural beige highligher that gives a pretty glow being glittery 

Eyes: Hard Candy baked duo in High Maintenance 
a natural shimmery eye

Lips: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten 
a brighter pink balm that stains your lip for an all day wash of color 

All of the products listed can be found in the drugstore other than the Lorac 
highlighter! I am loving drugstore looks and products lately! 

What are your current drugstore faves?! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Wishes

So, as you well know all of my Wish posts are dedicated towards beauty related
items. This week however, my eyes have gone in a different direction.
Now, no need to worry.... my beauty wishlist has not disappeared anywhere... it's
still a mile long, but there is a little something that has caught my eye that I can't seem
to quit thinking about.
I was recently introduced to the clothing designer, Ted Baker. A girl I follow on youtube
wore this dress to a red carpet event and since bright yellow and I have a serious love
affair going this little baby has caught my attention.  

What I love about this dress is :
 bright yellow color
sleeves (work appropriate)
the back zipper
round neck
shorter length (b/c I'm shortie)
This dress retails for around $167 so I doubt I will be purchasing this anytime soon,
but if you feel inclined to do something special for my upcoming birthday in
June this would make a great par-tay dress!
I tease... I tease!
What do you think about this little spring number?! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Product of the Day

I finsished my Maybelline Clean Express eye makeup remover
this morning and thought what better time than to do a quick review.
Maybelline released this new remover this year. I am always using these removers
and most of them work about the same. (although my favorite is still by Neutrogena)
Clean Express is a waterproof mascara remover and claims to be
 ultra gentle and oil free.   
Like I said there is not going to be an indepth review on this product. Most eye
make up removers do the same thing so there is not a ton of room for explanation
and demonstration.
But, I will say I did really enjoy using this product. It works very effectively in
removing all your mascara, shadows, and liner. It doesn't burn and does have a cooling
calming effect on the eyes.
This retails at drugstores for around $5. I would most definitely repurchase this again.
However, I am planning on buying the Neutrogena brand next just for comparison
to see which one does the job better.
What's your favorite eye make up remover?!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Rewind, What's in my Bag?

On Monday's I'm going to start linking up with Lindsey on her
 My Style Monday posts. Go check her blog out... great girl with a big heart!
Yesterday I finally got to to go to the Huntsville H&M at Bridgestreet Mall. I've been
longing to go since they opened last year and I'm sad to announce I was so disappointed.
Selection was eh and prices were too steep in my opinion.
But, I promise to not go on a rant about H&M. The good news is I did find two things that I felt deserved a home in my closet.


Ok, let me first say... I have no idea where I am going to wear this dressy
little number, but I don't care! I will find a place and create a reason!
I have always wanted a black long sleeved lace fitted dress like this.
In my opinion it just doesn't get much classier and sexier than this look. It was one
of those dresses that I put on and was like yep, I have to have this one.
It's amazing how a dress can alter the way you feel when it has the right fit and the right
You can't see the back in this picture, but it scoops down to about where your bra would hit so
you get some back showing as well!! woop!
This was my love purchase for $25.99!
I love this black/white stripped pencil skirt for work. I just paired a little black
cotton/lace sleeveless top that buttons in the back.
Skirt  $24.99
Top: $25.99 
So, there you have my first Alabama H&M purchase. I've been to the Chicago H&M years
ago, but unless somthing changes drastically with our store here in AL I don't think
I will be in any mad rush to go back.
Do you love H&M?!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Wishes

Like I said last week.... my beauty wishlist with spring here is longer than recommended. 

I could make this post never ending, but I'm going to narrow it down to one thing. 

Dewy fresh skin is always flattering this time of the year and one way to 
accomplish that is with cream blushes. I personally don't own a lot of cream blushes, 
but it's one of those items that I would like to build up my collection. 

I've heard and read great things about the Illamasqua cream blusher. 

These are sold at Sephora and retail for $26. 

The color I am most interested in is the bright pink color named "Laid." 

Do you love cream blushes and what you pay $26 for one?! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nail of the Day

Oh, have mercy how my toes were in much need of some TLC.
Yesterday after work I hopped over to the Nail salon near my place and was a little
embarrassed to even take my shoes off. I felt the need to preface what he was about to
see with a.... "ok, look... it's been a while since I've had a pedi and feet are just not my thang dude,
so sorry"!
I love painting my fingernails... it's easy and fun. Toenails... I just hate doing them myself.
Mdub has referred to my toenails before as talons. Gross I know.
It's one of my beauty fails.
This color needs no introduction...
OPI, Cajun Shrimp.
This color has been around for a long time, but it still is such a great staple
for spring/summer. It's a gorgeous coral with red that is bright and fun.
What colors do you like for your little piggies this time of year?!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Date Night Outfit of the Day

This past Friday morning I get a text from Mdub saying...
"Wear something sexy... I'm picking you up at 7:15."
I love those surprise dates.... fun, spontaneous, and flirty.
I struggled with what to wear... most of my night out dresses felt too summery and
everything else was way too casual or too business professional. I love spring, but it can
be challenging when the weather drops 20 degrees out of nowhere.
Ok, so after changing a few times I came up with this... it's super simple, but I love
the coral/black combo. My favorite spring/summer dress look is the 3/4 length sleeve with
a shorter length. I'm not one who feels comfortable with short dress and strapless top. I feel
balanced when I have longer sleeves to accomodate them exposed leggies!

The dress was bought at a boutique and is by Hourglass Lilly.
Click here for a similiar version.
Shoes: Camel Nine West pumps
Jewlery: Marc Jacobs Black Watch (sorry you can't see)
Earring:  Premier Gold tear drop  
Bracelet: Gold Cuff from Banana Republic
Next time I will do better on posting more up close pictures of jewels and accessories.
As for the date... we went to Chuck's Fish of Birmingham, AL and oh my
sweet baby Jesus was it so good. We both had the seafood platter which was:
blackened fish, crab cakes, stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon, and rice
and veggies!!! Yum in the Tum! 
Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Face of the Day- Bright Pink Lip

Happy Happy Friday!!!!
My Friday started with thinking today was payday only to discover it's Monday.
Boooooooo. There goes my weekend pedicure and H&M Spring shopping trip.
I'm still fuming over it a little.
I have bought a lot of new lippies for spring and I am loving incoporating brighter lips
into my spring routine!
My focus on this FOTD is a wearable bright pink lip.

I have been loving these two babies on their own or together.
Cover girl Jumbo gloss balm in #215 Watermelon Twist.
sheer color, soft shine, lasting ability
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in #136 Dolly Pink
sheer color, shine, smells amazing
These are both drugstore lippies in the $5 range. NYX is not sold at most
drugstores, but can be found at Ulta.
This has been my go to fun pink lip for spring.
What's your favorite lippie of the moment???

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Wishes- MAC Foundation

Where to even start with this edition of Wednesday Wishes... 
I feel like my beauty wish-list is a mile long right now. 

The thing I feel the most unhappy with right now is my skin. I'm so ready to have a good
healthy tan and color!!! So, I think the thing I feel like I need most right now is a foundation 
that provides good coverage, but still looks natural and like my skin. 

I used MAC foundations years and years ago and got away from them, but I find myself
wanting to go back and see if we can reconnect. 

I'm not sure what foundation would work best for my skin and my current needs, but
I have heard great things about two different ones that I want to give a go. 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid 

Described by MAC as:

A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium, buildable coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 protection. Applies, builds and blends easily and evenly. Comfortable and long-wearing, helps minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections, giving skin a smoother, more flawless look and finish.

MAC Pro Longwear

Described by MAC as:

A comfortable, long-wearing foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition. Lightweight and creamy, applies and blends easily leaving the skin feeling soft and free to breathe all day while controlling oil. Specially treated micronized pigments help give a smoother, more flawless, natural finish with stay-true colour.

Have you tried either of these foundations?! 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Drugstore Blushes- Milani

If your search for a good drugstore blush has left you less than impressed
then here's that moment when you should tune in! 

Until I recently discovered the Milani Baked Blushes I had never found a 
blush at the drugstore that was worth much to me. 

I decided to purchase two good corals for spring. 
Left: Coralina
Right: Luminoso

Coralina is a gorgeous bright red coral that will look great with a good tan for that 
pop of color we all want this time of the year. 

Luminoso, oh how I love thee. This has been my go to blush for a while now. It is the perfect peach color.  I have to force myself to use other blushes b/c this baby is perfecto! It works with anything and 
everything. It's one of those blushes you don't have to think about what you are pairing it with.
Works great with a bright lip, smoky eye, natural eyes, natural lip... ok, you get the point. 
LOVE this blush! 

Another reason I love these blushes is because they are baked. I don't understand all that goes
into baked products other than they are baked directly on some kind of Italian terra cotta tile. 

Baked products always give off great color pigmentation on top of giving your skin
a good healthy glow. 

They have a highlighting effect to them... so if you are into highlighting (like me)
you may want to go easy on that with these blushes to prevent looking too much 
like a disco ball. 

Here are your swatches. 
Left is Coralina 
Right is Luminoso

These are by far my favorite blushes at the moment and unless something drastically 
changes remain in my opinion the best drugstore blushes. These come in a variety of 
shades and retail for around $7. 

What is your favorite spring blush?! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Make-up

Every season brings the opportunity to transform your make-up into a new 
look. There are easy, subtle, and inexpensive ways to give yourself a fresh look 
without breaking the bank. 

Here are my favorite 5 ways to get my spring on: 

1. Blush: 
Pick a brighter pink or coral blush
My picks: Maybelline bouncy in Hot Tamale and Milani baked blush in Corallina

2. Highlighter: 
Switch to a cream product that will give your face a more dewy finish
My pick: Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Cream in Rose Gold 

3. Eyeshadow:
Pick neutral colors that give the appearance you aren't wearing much. 
My pick: Clinique lid smoothie in Gingerly

4. Eyeliner:
Ditch your brown or black and pick a color that will give your eyes a pop of brightness. 
Try a navy or even more on trend this season green. 
My picks: Merle Norman Galaxy (navy) and Urban Decay Junkie (bright emerald green)

5. Lips:
Go with a bright pink or coral. Adding a good pop of color to your lips when your eyes
are nude always works and looks so classy! 
My pick: Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss balm in #235 Coral Twist

These are my favorite ways to transition into spring. 
What are yours?!?!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Welcome to my new Blog

First, of all ... long time no see.
I've had it redesigned by Jenn at Munchkinland and she did such a good job! I felt like
I needed something a little more clean and beauty themed. Mission accomplished.
I thought I would take this opportunity to briefly tell you why I started this blog. For those
of you who know me or read this blog on a regular basis you know that I love beauty products
and giving my honest reviews and opinions about  things I try. I've always been into
make-up, skincare, and beauty trends and decided a couple of years ago that I wanted a place
where I could share with friends and whoever was interested what works and what
I feel like beauty is something that unites women of all kinds. We all want to feel
beautiful and we all enjoy incoporating new products and techniques that make us feel put
together, fresh, and unique.
I have a genuine passion for beauty and how it relates to our confidence as women. I obviously don't
think a good lipstick is going to cure deep rooted self esteem problems, but I do see and understand
how knowing how to wear and use your make-up generates more confidence. We use our faces
every single day to communicate with those we love and those we work with so why not put your best face forward however that may be for you and feel good while doing it.    
If you don't read my blog and you've just done the occasional visit or spy then you may think...
"why does this girl talk so much about make-up" "she must be really shallow" "who posts
pictures of their face with what make-up they are wearing" "vain" etc. etc. If you are one of those
people then this blog is probably not for you. I'm not vain AT. ALL. I don't pretend to be a
beauty expert. I never went to beauty school or have taken any classes. This blog is intended for the
average girls who have an interest in playing with make-up and want tips on high end and
drugstore beauty. I've had the girliest of friends and women in my family to the most simple and
plain and they all have something in common... They all have had some kind of interest in
make-up or beauty.
So, there you have it. The quick run down on why this blog exists. I realize my passion for make-up
may be a little stronger than the average, but that's why I have a blog for it. Make-up does
not define my life. It's one part of my life where there is a strong interest and passion. We all
have hobbies and this is just one of mine.
Welcome to my Blog! 

What’s The Story, Brooke?

I'm Brooke. Brooke Story to be exact... hence the title of my blog. I'm southern, still barely in my twenties, and have a few too many lip glosses in my purse.

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