Saturday, July 30, 2011

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

I have a best friend... she lives in a blue bottle, smells so clean and delicious and her name
is Downy Wrinkle Releaser.

How I know when I really love something? When I use a whole bottle/container of it AND
I buy a travel mini size container as well. I started using DWR about a year ago and it's such
a convenient product to have laying around in your closet.

I use this for a couple different purposes. (1) Refreshing Clothes that are not really dirty and
you don't want to wash, but just need a spritz of clean. (2) Smoothing wrinkles out
of shirts/dresses/pants that have maybe been in a bag that I have traveled with or
just smoothing out the day to day.

This has become my alternative for ironing... wait, did I ever iron?!
Ha! I am not the most domestic person walking the planet, but it's ok I accept myself
for who I am! : )

The best thing about DWR is the smell. Your clothes smell like you just pulled
them out of the dryer and smell amazing. You can buy the off brand of DWR at dollar
general, but it does not smell near as good as the original.

For the love of wrinkles this stuff is great!!

Woodwick Candles

I have been using my Caramel Woodwick candle a lot this week and thought I would
do a quick post about how much I love these candles.

Last fall my mom and I were in this boutique shop in Cullman called Borden's. They
had this candle burning while we were shopping and it smelled so yummy. My mom and I love
good smelling candles, Circle E are probably are fav!

It's a great smelling candle for fall. But, beware you will smell like Caramel if you sit
near this candle while it's burning. ha. I have been told I smell like Pancakes, Maple nut
goodies, and other caramel smells. Being told you smell like a pancake is not exactly
what I wanna be told!

The other thing I love about these candles are the sound they make while they are
burning. Because the wick is wood it makes a crackling sound that is SO relaxing!

These candles really do put off a smell that will fill your whole house with yumminess
and comfort. So, if you haven't ever tried Woodwick you should give it a try.

One of my best friends just moved into a new apartment and had the Currant Woodwick
burning... mmmmm it is delicious! I think it may be a scent I try soon.

I know you can get these candles at Cracker Barrel, but other than that I'm not sure
where you can get these other than ordering online.

Have a Yummy Day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Did you know you can get quality products for a DOLLA?!

Really, a dolla you say?!

Yes, Yes. Make-up, tools, skincare etc.

Target has a beauty line they sell called E.L.F. Sadly, it's not the Will Ferrell character
that we love in the green suit. It stands for Eyes, Lips, and Face. Most of their products retail
for under $5.00! If you are in the mood to play around with some different shades, or maybe
you have a daughter or niece or cousin that wants to start using make-up, but
you don't want to invest a lot of money into high end products then I think this stuff is
great. It has the look of professional products and packaging for a bargain price.

They have a 12 brush set for $12.00!! That is a DOLLA per brush. Crazy cheap. Brushes can be
so expensive.

I cannot speak for all of their brushes because I have only bought one, the foundation
brush... but, for a dollar it worked just fine!

Here are a few of their products that I have bought and my opinions.

Foundation brush.
Retails for $1.00. I have used it for foundation and concealer.

Studio Blush in Pink Passion
Retails for $3.oo.

It's a very bright matte pink. Looks a little scary and too pink, but I have really
loved this blush this summer. I use it all the time. I would not recommend swirling
your brush around in this b/c it does show up bright on your face, but if you simply
lightly dab your brush in it a couple times and sweep on cheekbones it looks great.
Perfect for giving color and brightening up your look.

Eye Shadow quad in Teal Dream.
Retails for $1.oo.
Ok, for the eye shadow... not really my fave. To me it felt really cheap... maybe b/c
it was $1.oo I was thinking this stuff can't be good. ha. I didn't think it blended
very well and the colors were not pigmented at all. But, like I said earlier if you
want to experiment with colors or want to give this to a little girl in your life that
would appreciate having some make-up to play with then I think it's great for that.
These also could be great to travel with. You get four colors in one small little compact.

Fake Eyelashes
Retail for $1.00
First pair of fake eyelashes I have ever bought and I still can't get the blasted things on!!
I need some serious 101 from someone that can assist in this area.
Fake eyelashes are obviously not something I would wear everyday, but for a
special event or occasion they can punch up your look a few notches.

Cleansing Clothes AKA Lazy Wipes
Retails for $3.00
I love lazy wipes. I can get addicted to using wipes b/c they are so convenient and you
can multi-task while washing your face! You don't have to stand in front of a mirror and scrub
your face down, rinse, dry, moisturize. So many steps. But, good one's I might add.
You can lay in bed and watch tv all while getting the make-up off your face! :)
These puppies are GREAT for traveling!

So, for all you bargain gals out there you may want to try out some of E.L.F. 's
products! Their stuff is exclusively sold at Target or on their website.

If you try or have tried anything from their line let me know!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey Guys!! Guess what it's time for?!!!


Woop, Woop!!
Are you excited?! I am because I decided I would do a simple and easy give-away
when I reached my first 50 followers.

So, thank you for following me and being patient with me as I learn the ropes of the
blogging world. I hope you have enjoyed it so far and will continue to read. I want my
blog to be a place where we can all share helpful and inspiring beauty tips
with each other!

So... here's how it's going to work:
Below is a picture of some of my favorite OPI nail shades.

From left to right I have:
(sweetheart, ate berries in the canaries, lincoln park after dark, you don't know jacques,
opi ink, over the taupe, mrs. o'leary's bbq, barefoot in barcelona, and
all lacquered up. )

In order to win you have to:

1. Follow my blog publicly

2. Comment below on this post and let me know what your favorite OPI shade is. Or, if
you don't have a favorite you can comment on what your favorite brand of polish is.

That's it!! I'm going to make the first give-away super easy.

So, what do you win you ask?!

1. $25 Gift Card to Sephora

2. An OPI nail polish in your shade of choice.

Deadline to Enter is a week from today, Tuesday August 2nd at 12:00 a.m.
Central Time. Winner will be selected Wednesday morning by generator.

So, let the fun and games begin!
May the best Glamanista win!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Make-Up Routine

Hey Guys. Here are the products that I have currently been using as my
day to day make up routine. These are obviously not everything in my bag, but the products
I feel that I find myself grabbing the most and using pretty much on a daily basis.

Make Up Routine

Step 1: Apply Clinique Tinted Moisturizer or Mary Kay Matte wear with Stippling Brush
all over face.
Step 2: Estee Lauder Double Wear or MAC Pro Longwear concealer
under eyes and any blemishes.
Step 3: Blend in with Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge
Step 4: Apply MAC bronzing powder in "Refined Golden" with fluffy powder brush.
Step 5: Apply Urban Decay Cheek Tint in "Bang" or MAC cream blush in "Ladyblush" with
Sonia Kashuk Pointed Foundation Brush and blend cream blush in with Sonia Kashuk blue
blending sponge.
Step 6: Highlight Cheekbones for dewy glowy cheekbones in "Pearl" from MAC
Step 7: Prime Eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion.
Step 8: Apply Eye Shadow of choice. Loving Urban Decay Naked Palette.
Step 9: Line Eyes with Merle Norman Eyeliner in Earthy.
Step 10: Curl Lashes.
Step 11: Apply Loreal Voluminous Lashes Mascara in Carbon Black.
Step 12: Apply MAC lipglass in Cultured.

And that my friends is my basic routine for a normal day in Summer Sunny Alabama!

Comment below and let me know what some of your staples are!

Travel Size Fetish

I have a minor obsession with travel size products! I love going to a drug store
or Target and looking through all the little baby size containers.

I am on the go A-LOT!! For work, personal, trips... all kinds of stuff which I highly enjoy.
I like being busy and on the road or plane or train... ok, not train! ha. I spend more time
on the go most months than I feel like I am home. But, I truly enjoy it.

So, this is one of the main reasons I LOVE travel size items. They are so easy and practical
to throw into your bag. Much easier than trying to take your full size products
or trying to squeeze everything into plastic containers... which I do sometimes just b/c it is more affordable.

I went to Daytona Beach last week to visit with family in FL and here are some of my
favorite bite size things I brought with me!

1. CVS make up remover wipes ( a must have for on the go)
2. Eye make up remover (yay they finally have this in a mini size)
3. Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hairspray
4. Downy Wrinkle Releaser (OMG I am obsessed with this stuff... have a big bottle I keep in my closet... the best stuff for getting your clothes unwrinkled and smelling fresh after being folded and in a bag.) : )
5. Country Chic bath gel from Bath and Body ( smells great)
6. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (not travel size but a fav)
7. Frederic Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner in Brilliant Glossing
8. Auqafresh Toothpaste in Extreme Clean (my toothpaste of choice)

This picture above is a drawer I have devoted in my bathroom to all my travel size
products! I love that drawer. I have hairsprays, cleansers, deodorant, shampoos, conditioners,
lotions, soaps, moose, etc.

Travel size products are a great way to try products you are interested in without
investing in a regular size container.

Hope you enjoyed learning about all my bite size favs!

Help me get to 50!!

Hey Guys!

I am trying to obtain 50 followers so I can do my first blog giveaway!!

I have a few contenders in the running...

OPI Nail Polish...

Urban Decay travel size primer potion...

A few other things!

So, invite friends that you know to join my blog so we can begin some fun and games!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's in my Hair Drawer

Wanna know what's in my draaaaaws?!

Well, I'll tell you what's in my Hair Draaaaaw.

Let me say... I am not a huge hair product person so I don't have a ton of stuff in my
draaaaaw, but I thought it would be fun to share what I do have.

This is not stuff I use every day b/c frankly as I have said and will say many more times
I only wash my hair a couple times a week... I DEPEND on dry shampoo with everything
I have! Using alot of products in your hair is only going to make it more greasy and oily
which I am NOT a fan of.

Ok so from Left to Right here's what I got:

Paddle Brush (must have)

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (loved this product this summer)

Matrix sleek look iron smoother spray

Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil Mist (glossy finish or can be used on legs after shaving)

Salon Graphics Dry Shampoo

John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum (use before blow drying)

Garnier Surf Hair Paste (great for curly waves)

John Frieda Secret Weapon Finishing Cream (after blow dry and flat iron)

John Frieda Leave in Conditioning Spray (great for dry damaged hair)

Round Brush for blowing out bangs.

Several combs for detangling, volume, and separating.

So there you go. I am a big John Frieda fan. I really like his products b/c they
are so affordable and very professional feeling. I can't say I use these products all the time,
but I have enjoyed them all and will continue to use.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Have a great day!

Contact Lenses

I have a piece of very practical advice for those of you that are contact lense wearers.

About a year ago my eye doctor decided to switch me from Acuvue Oasys, a very
breathable lense to Air Optix Night and Day.

Small confession I have here peeps... you ready?!

I sleep in my contacts for days, weeks, sometimes even months at a time!!!!!!!
You do whaaaaaaaaaa???
Yes, Yes, it's true and I am here to publicly confess to you all.

So, I have been wearing these contacts for over a year now and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
These lenses have the highest level of breathability of any other lense I am aware of on
the market. Now, the commercials or website will tell you you can sleep in them for days
at a time.... well, some of us (cough, cough) may do that a little more!

My doctor told me I could sleep in them for a week-two weeks at a time with taking
them out once a night to give my eyes a break. I will let you be the one to decide if
I do that very often!

You can wear them for a month at a time and then you need to switch out to a new pair.
They are a little more expensive than the Acuvue, but in my opinion SO worth it if
you like to sleep in you contacts.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Red Finger Nails

Red Finger Nails.
What is about painting your finger nails red that automatically gives you a
different attitude!

Last week I traveled to Florida to visit family and got a mani/pedi before leaving.
I believe this color is called OPI Red. I really wanted a bright red color and this
one was perfect.

I don't know about you, but every time I paint my nails red it just puts me in such a good
mood. There is something about red that makes you feel sassy, sexy, and just womanly.
I love red! All year long... summer, fall, winter it's just a great color in my opinion!
I get the same effect when I put red lipstick on. Now red lipstick is not something I wear
very often, but when I do I get that sassy womanly feeling with it as well.
Last week I wore some Make Up Forever lipgloss in a bright red color and my
5 year old cousin, Lane, proceeded to tell me in his sweet little voice that
I sure did like red! I guess my finger nails and lipgloss were enough for him!

I think painting your nails is such a easy and inexpensive way to get yourself
in a better mood. The color you pick can really alter the way you feel, want to dress, and
maybe even how you feel about yourself!

Have a great day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Clean and Clear Morning Burst

Clean and Clear has a great gentle exfoliator that is oil free and

If you like citrus orangy smells you will love this! It has Vitamin C in it along with
other good ingredients for your skin.

I have this in my shower and love using in the morning to wake up up all my senses!

This scrub is super affordable and can be purchased at any drugstore.
Check it out!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Real Technique Brushes by Samantha Chapman

Sam Chapman is a professional make up artist in England. Her and her sister Nic have a youtube channel that I am loving. They do lots of tutorials on getting celebrity make up looks along with many other informative and helpful tips.

I discovered over the past week that Sam was involved in creating this new line of brushes
that Ulta is carrying called Real Techniques. Sam uses her brushes in her videos and
I love the way they look. They are all color coded by eyes, base, and finish. I
think that is so cool and helpful... to have your brushed distinguished by color.

Sam Chapman. Pretty, Pretty girl.

Here is the set of eye shadow brushes. The set comes with 5 brushes and retails for $15.99
at Ulta. The set comes with Base brush, crease, accent, eyeliner, and brow.
All the eyeshadow brushes are this fun purple color and come in this case.
This is the Core Collection, retails for $15.99 and all your core brushes are this gold color as you can see. The set of brushes includes, Foundation, detailer, buffing, and contour.
Blush Brush, retails for $8.99. I love the pink! Such a cute brush.
The last brush I wanted to feature is the Stippling Brush for $9.99. I have never
owned a brush like this so I am excited to try this out. From what I can tell it's great for
liquid foundation, cream blushes, or highlighting cheek bones. Sounds fun!

I have not purchased any of these brushes, but will be very soon. I have been wanting/needing
new make up brushes and love the fact that I can buy brushes designed by a professional
make up artist that I love and respect. They are pretty affordable compared to other
professional brushes and I am so glad to get to support Sam!

Once I purchase these I will let you know how I am liking, but wanted to go ahead and
do a post on this b/c I got so excited and thought you might be interested. If you are in
the market for new brushes look into these.

Cheek Tint

So, another Urban Decay product I grabbed this week along with my Naked
Palette was the Glide on Cheek Tint. I had also heard great things about this
product and have heard it's the perfect product for glowy skin and cheeks this summer!

I decided on the color Bang! It is a very bright Red color and looks super scary in the
container. No need to fear though it does not look like this on your cheeks!

This is what the compact looks like. Can I just tell you what the back of the box says?!
Speaking of cheeks... this will make you "blush."

"Try just a touch for a barely there tint, or layer for buildable more vibrant color. You'll
look as radiant as a girl in love... or one who just made it." WOWZA!

Here is the color in my room. CRAZY color for your cheeks, huh?! It's red for sure!
It's really pretty on though... you really can build this color into what you want.
You know how most cream blushes have a sticky feeling about them?!
This is the softest most buttery feeling blush I have ever felt. It truly feels like
something you could rub over your whole body! It actually has vitamins and anti aging
ingredients... so it's good for your skin!

I'm really excited to use this blush and get super Glowy beautiful summer skin and cheeks!
I love some dewy skin in the summer and this seems to be a product that you can really
count on to give you a Glow without making you look oily.

Urban Decay has many other gorgeous colors in this line so check them out at Sephora
or Ulta.

Go get your Glow on!

Getting Naked... WHAAAA?!

I was so excited this week to purchase the Urban Decay Naked Palette.
I have been eyeballing this palette for a few weeks and after reading great reviews, and watching some youtube videos I was sold!

There are a few matte shades in the palette, but most are a rich shimmery pigmented
colors. This seems like such a great and rich palette to work with for any
occasion, season, or event! I can't wait to play with these colors and come up with
some fabulous looks.

This palette comes with a travel size container of the best selling Eye Shadow
Primer Potion by Urban Decay. I am more than likely going to do a give a way with
this so stay tuned!

Here are the shades under recessed lighting.

This is what the palette looks like

Here again in natural lighting. You can't see the shimmer
under natural lighting, but trust me it's there!!

You can purchase this at Ulta or Sephora and it retails for $48. Sounds a bit
pricy, but you are getting 12 shades that will last you a long time... or at least I am
hoping so!

So, go ahead let your eyes roam around Naked.... they will thank you for it!

I will update you with more posts about this palette in the futue about how I am liking.
Just wanted to share now b/c I am super excited to play!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Target Lady; AKA Kristin Wig

Ok, so I just mentioned Kristin Wig as the funny Target Lady in my post below...
For those of you who have no idea who or what I was talking about please enjoy
the video below!!


Sonia Kashuk

I wanted to do a shout out for Sonia Kashuk products. If you haven't tried any of her
stuff you should next time you are in Target.

Her stuff is exclusively sold there and every time I find myself in the great Target circle...
(which is quiet often I might add b/c I LOVE me some Target) I find
myself always looking at her stuff first.

She is really known for her brushes. She has great brushes that are more
affordable than what you would pay at Dept. stores.

Here are a few things by her that I am currently using and really enjoy...

So, on the far left you have the Foundation Sponges which I haven't really used yet.
So can't say much about them.

The brush cleaner... are you good at cleaning your brushes?!
Confession... I am SO not! I bought this b/c it's in a spray formula which I liked.
I have used it once and it worked well. You just spray your brushes or sponges down,
rinse and let dry overnight.

Lip Pencil in Natural and it is GORGEOUS. Very pretty nude/natural/pink
that goes great with a light pink gloss. I'm really getting into lining my lips lately.
Used to think it was really old fashioned looking and kind of gaudy, but
I am diggin on the natural shades. It really does make your lips look bigger.
I have been pairing this liner with MAC lipglass in Cultured... fyi.

To the far right I have the Pointed Foundation Brush. It works great around the
jawline, under your eyes, and corners. She also has a large foundation brush
that I would have bought, but they were out of when I bought this one.

That blue funky looking thing on the bottom is her Blending Sponge.
This is one of my favorite things. I use it everyday for blending my concealer
under my eyes and just evening everything out. If I am using cream blush
the bottom round part of the sponge is great for blending cream blush.

I also love her eye make-up remover. First of all it is really pretty! It's this
gorgeous lilac/blue color and when you shake it it looks so Beautamus!
Not that that really matters... just throwing that out there.
Her formula is great for sensitive eyes and contact users. I have another confession...
I SLEEP IN MY CONTACTS EVERY NIGHT!!! eeeekkk. I am wearing the Air Optix
Day and Night now which permits that more frequently, but not as often as I do! ha.
So, her eye make-up remover is great if you are like me and have sensitive eyes and wear
contact lenses.

So, next time you are in Target Circles (imagine me saying that in Kristin Wig voice on SNL
when she does the crazy Target lady) check out some of her stuff.
You will not be disappointed.

Have a great weekend! See you next week.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Treats from Mom

I thought I would share with you how awesome my mom is. I went home this past
weekend for the Fourth and found these "treats" in my room.

Some of you may remember while I was in New Orleans over Memorial Day my
Vive la Juicy perfume spilled in my bag and I lost the whole bottle.
Bummer, dude!

But, my sweet Mom decided to replace it for me along with a few other "treats."
My mom has always been so good at stuff like this. Nearly every time I come home she
has some kind of goodie or treat for me. It's so sweet and thoughful... something my
mom is SO good at. Trips home from college or just because normally resulted in
little surprises from my mom.

So, as you can see... I got the perfume I lost, a cute notepad with my initial
and a cute initial hand towel with my last name.

Ok, is it funny to anyone that my initials are BS?! : )
I could write a whole post on nicknames from my initials and funny stories... maybe
I will do that one day.

While we are talking about mom "treats" I will share another one!
One weekend in June when I was home before my birthday I got this bag!

How cute is this?! It's great for cosmetics over a weekend. I really love
that it's mesh and you can see everything too.

Anyway, just wanted to share some sweet and thoughtful "treats" from my mom.
My Nana did this with my mom and she passed it down with me... maybe one day
I can pass this thoughtful tradition down to my children!
That is IF i ever have kids?! If not I shall pass it down to Harley, my kitty! Ha!

Be thoughtful and find ways you can brighten someone else's day...
It really does make you feel better!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Affordable Acne Cleanser

Do you ever get the occasional break out?
Maybe in your T-zone or under your chin?

Well, I tend to and I think we all do from time to time. If you don't then
consider yourself very fortunate!

In the last 5 years I have probably been to the Dermatologist 2 or 3 times
to get something to help with breakouts. And EVERY time my doctor
has recommended this wash to me.

Clean and Clear Acne Cleanser. It is one of the only washes you can buy over
the counter that has 10% benzoyl peroxide which is an ingredient that treats
acne and helps clear skin. That is a pretty high amount for over the counter.

This wash is pretty amazing. It leaves your face with a super clean cool feeling.
I use it on my face and back during months when I am fighting break-outs. This time of the year I rarely break out because I am in the sun more, which dries up blemishes...
but, come fall and winter I will be reaching for this wash more often.

It's extremely affordable and you can purchase at any drugstore.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

I recently did a post about products I took to the beach with me and Bumble and Bumble
new Surf Spray was in my grab bag.

I wanted to do a quick review on how I'm liking this product. Let me first say that it's not something I use or would recommend using every day. It leaves your hair with a somewhat
stiff/dirty/beachy head of hair. If your like me and love the way some good ole chlorine
and salt water leaves your hair then you will like this spray. If you however are one that
washes and dries your hair everyday and like the soft and clean feel you may
not like how this product leaves your hair feeling.

This product has salt-water infused into the spray which gives you that windblown curly look we all crave in the summer!

It's really easy to use. Just spray in your hair wet, scrunch with fingers, and let dry into natural curls. If you have naturally wavy and curly hair this spray will work great! If you don't then
you may have more trouble getting the curls you want. However, I think it will
give you volume and wave regardless.

This is what it looks like. Click here for more info.

When I googled "Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray" this photo of Blake Lively
came up. So, I played around with the spray to get more of her look and I loved it!
What I did was blow dry my hair as if I were blow drying out straight. Leaving it still pretty damp I took the spray and sprayed it in where my hair was half wet/half dry and scrunched a little and got more of this look.

It's a really pretty look. Lots of volume! Big curls and wave!

Here is a picture of my hair at the beach when I sprayed the product in wet hair.
Spraying it in wet hair and scrunching gives you more spiral pretty curls.

So, go get curly! Drive with your windows down, don't brush your hair as much and
let's all enjoy some volume, wave, and curl this summer!

Friday, July 1, 2011


If you are a jewelry girl and would appreciate having personalized
hand picked jewelry every month by actress, Kate Bosworth and
award winning stylist, Cher Coulter then check this out!

For $29/month you get a hand picked piece of jewelry that is selected for you
from a survey you take online that reflects your style. If you don't
want a piece every month then you don't pay.

Check this interview video out for more info.

Pretty cool, huh? What do you think... is this something you would be
interested in investing in? Give me your thoughts... I'm curious!

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