Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day Day 13

I literally just discovered my Wednesday Wish for this week and am
obsessed. How does this happen?!
I ran out to SAKS on my lunch break to buy a Bobbi Brown lipstick I have been
coveting and used from my friend Alison while beaching this past weekend.
Review to come soon on Pink Peony. It's such a pretty pink.
BUT, this post is about a wish ... not what has already been purchased.
While checking out they had their summer collection items out and I grabbed
the perfume "Beach" to take a quick sniff.

Oh, my heavens.... if anything could smell like summer and beach in a
bottle in the most classy, feminine way this is it.
I will refrain from my terrible attempts at trying to describe scents and leave you with
what the experts say.
"A light, happy, and nostalgic scent that evokes warm sunshine and the sea breeze."

This bestselling scent captures the atmosphere and attitude of summer. Designed with an intoxicating blend of jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin, this eau de parfum is wearable anytime, anywhere."
I sprayed a few mists on my arm when leaving SAKS and I haven't been
able to stop smelling my arm since being back in the office.
Seriously, go smell this stuff and tell me you don't love it!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day 12

I have been a major slacker with my Makeup Mayfest posts.... 
ahhhh, work has been really busy and I'm leaving for the beach this weekend and 
just have had so much to do. 

Lame excuse, right? I know... we are all busy. 

Today I thought I would share my favorite skincare products I've been using. 
Skincare is something that I really used to not spend that much time with, but as 
I am approaching 30 (ahhhhhh) it's become much more of a priority for me. 


I like to start out with getting my makeup off with either a wipe (any will work) or 
my Bioderma.  Bioderma is a French product that is a water based solution that 
is really gentle at removing makeup and cleansing the skin. 

You can find this at Amazon for around $25. 

Once I've got the makeup off step 2 is cleansing my skin with my Fresh
Soy Cleanser (sold @ Sephora and friggin love) along with my Clarisonic 
for a deeper clean and exfoliation. 

I don't always tone after cleansing, but when I do I absolutely LOVE this
one by Seacret. It smells so wonderful and clean and it doesn't burn 
or leave any harsh feeling on your skin at all. I love using this for just the 
most refreshing clean feeling. mmmmmm. 

You may remember Seacret products as being the annoying sales people
in your local mall. The ones that will practically walk you out the door still trying 
to get you to try their lotions or sea salts. Yeah, them. 

BUT, they do have really good stuff that is from the dead sea. I'm not really sure
how that happens, but I believe them. I think. ha. 

You can also find Seacret products on Amazon. And for a lot cheaper. shhh. 

The last thing I do is take off my eyemake up with the off brand of Neutrogena 
oil free remover. After that I follow up with my brand new Skin Medica Retinol Complex (I just got
this from a dermatologist) followed by my sheer transformation lotion from Ole 
Henriksen (stuff is awesome). 

Do you use a Retinol? I've heard that it's amazing for anti-aging and everyone should
start making it apart of their routine starting in your late 20s. I'm excited to use 
this one since it's a rx strength from a doc office. 

What's your skincare look like? 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day 11

Ladies and Gents... 

I think I may be falling in love with a new cosmetic line. It's in the early stages... 
we all know how that can go, but I'm really falling for this one and quickly. 

QVC has partnered with IT Cosmetics created by Jamie Kern, former news anchor, and beauty 
queen. I've heard about this brand through favorite beauty gurus and it always peaked
my interest, but as of last weekend I ordered a few things from QVC that I couldn't 
pass up after watching Jamie on the live show. 

IT cosmetics stands for Innovative Technology and they have worked with 
plastic surgeons on all of their product to infuse ingredients that will aid in anti-aging! 

Whaaaaaaaaaa?!?! How cool is that. Love it already. 

So, I got illuminator, lip vitality (4 in one lipstick), lip butter gloss, a brush that came with illuminator, 
and an oxygen infused foundation. (hasn't arrived yet) 

I can say with only a few uses of these products I love, love, love! I can't wait 
to try out the foundation and get the full effect. 

So, join me with the flirting stage of this new product line and we may all 
fall in love before this is said and done. 

Stay tuned for future in depth review posts on everything. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day 10

Confession... I am NOT a fan of moisturizing. 

I am so guilty of buying lotion and using it a few times and storing it away to never 
be used again. I am just not a fan of heavy creams and lotions that leave me with a greasy 
heavy feeling. ICK! 

However, I am currently using two different lotions that I am loving for 
2 different reasons and wanted to pass along. 

I bought the new formulated Jergens Natural Glow tanning 
lotion on Monday and with only TWO applications I can tell a 
huge difference! woo hoo! I love products that work and work fast! 

I decided to go with the medium to tan formula since I am trying to get 
some color fast for my upcoming beach trip next weekend. 

This new formula is supposed to have no odor. hmmm, I will say I think it is better
than what they had before, but there is still a faint tanning smell. It's not 
bad or unpleasant, but it's there a bit. 

Great lotion for getting some natural summer color and glow. 

Vaseline Spray and Go lotion is also a new product that came out this year 
and this lotion is purrrrrfect for me. 

The packaging is much like a spray sunscreen bottle. You twist the cap to the side and spray. 
This works for me so well because it is non-greasy and absorbs so quickly into the skin.
One of the things I despise about creams and body butters is how long it takes to rub 
the product into your skin. ugh! This is so thin and lightweight and takes no time at all
to rub yourself down. 

What are your favorite moisturizers? 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day 9

Today I thought I would share my current candle favorites.
I love candles... there is something special about coming home alone, lighting a
candle, turning on the tv, and just relaxing and inhaling yummy scents.
Market Peach is sold at Bath & Body Works and is a new candle in their
spring 2013 collection. Their description of this candle because I am pretty
terrible with trying to describe a candle scent is:
"Fresh from the stand, luscious peaches strike a juicy note in a mouthwatering blend of creamy vanilla, savory citrus and ripe raspberry."
This happens to be my favorite candle. EVER. If you have never tried a Circle
E candle then get online and get this or the Orange Vanilla one now! These
babies will last forever and will fill your whole room/house with their scents.
I love this Bird of Paradise scent. I couldn't find a specific description on their website
other than it being sweet. I've heard it described as smelling like Fruity Peebles (not
so much to me) and a sweet Strawberry Milkshake. I don't really know.
It smells realllllly good. Will that work?!  
What are your favorite candles?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day 8

It's My Style Monday time with Lindsey and Rach! 

This little mustard yellow dress has become a favorite in my 
wardrobe. I bought this a couple years ago when going to Mexico for Thanksgiving 
and it's just been one of those dresses that work for so many occasions. 

I love the color mustard. I think it looks so good on brunette gals. I know most people 
probably associate it with more of a fall color, but to me it's a color that works 
year round. I love wearing this dress in the spring for a date or night out or in the fall 
and winter with leggings and a little blazer. I have gotten my  money's worth with this 
little baby. 

It comes from a little boutique store here called Francesca's and is by the brand 
Audrey. I wan't really able to find anything online that was even close to this dress, 
but it retails for around $38. 

Necklace from a local boutique. 
Earrings from Premier Jewelry...and I've lost them : ( 

How was your weekend? 

Daily Nuggs:
  • I have a bad sinus infection and cannot get all this mucas out of my head. ahhh
  • Work is busy the next couple weeks with events and meetings. 
  • I cannot quit watching HLN and all the Jodi Arias murder stuff. 
  • I have a lie bump on my tongue that hurts like a mother. I just want to cut it off. 
  • I'm going to the beach next weekend!!!! woo hoo! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day 7

Today's Friday Face of the Day is brought to you by none other than 
Millie the Maltipoo. 

She got her huuur did today and wanted the blogging world to see her in all 
her glory. 

Her before and after glamour shots. 

Make this precious baby girl feel pretty with a sweet comment! 

Have a great weekend
From me and Millie

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day 6

Have I admitted yet that I unhealthy obsession with drugstore lippies.
Step 1: Admitting I have a problem.
Step 2: Stop buying lip products
hmmmm, I will think about it.
I picked up these new Maybelline Whispers at Ulta this week and I need to play
with them more, but I've been kind of disappointed with them despite all the hype.
Maybelline describes the newly released lip whisper as:
"Sexy, soft see through color with no heavy waxes or oils. Just a kiss of shine."
Top color is Petal Rebel (a blue toned bright baby pink)
Bottom color is Lust for Blush ( a pinkish mauve)

Left: Petal Rebel
Right: Lust for Blush

Swatch left: Petal Rebel
Swatch right: Lust for blush
This are definitely what they claim to be... a very sheer wash of color. I chose
to pick up pink shades because I feel that is the color I lack the most of and wanted
something soft and sheer for when I want a dark smoky eye.
I have worn these to work and with my current tan less skin I felt
pretty washed out. I like my lipstick and I like my color. I think I will appreciate using
these more at night with heavier bronzer and eye makeup and playing my lips down.
They do have a great texture as they are a gel formula. Very lightweight and smooth on the lips.
If you are into sheer lippies or glosses I think you will love these. They also
have some brighter colors that will probably have more pigmentation if you are looking
for something that pops a little more.
Stay tuned for more drugstore lippie posts.
They seem to be my thang right now.
Have you tried Maybelline Whispers?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day 5

If you are that girl that is guilty of laying in the tanning bed every spring so when 
you pull out that first spring dress you look like you've just come back from days at the beach 
then stay tuned for a better and instant way to get tan. 

There is something about having a good healthy glow that makes us all feel better. 
Thinner, prettier, healthy, etc. I used to lay in the tanning bed every spring, but have found 
some alternatives that I think are great. 

I have two favorite tanners. One for all over body and the other for just your face. 

St. Tropez bronzing mousse (right) is sold at Sephora and is the best tanning 
product out there! Hands down. I have recommended this to so many people and everyone 
loves it. It gives the most natural looking tan that adjusts to your skintone. Not only does 
it adjust to your skin, but it is also build-able so you can get the desired color you want. 

The other great thing about St. Tropez is that your tan is instant. Once applied it dries in 
a couple minutes and you can jet out the door for an event, date, girls night out, and WAM
BAM thank you mam you look like you just got back from the Caribbean. 

Another tip I will say for St. Tropez is the longer you can leave it on without showering 
the better. Apply it at night and sleep on it. Or, apply it at night, where it out and about and if you
can get a little dirty wait until the following night to shower. I know that is a big stretch for 
some of you, but if you know you are going to be lounging around the house all day just leave
it on as long as possible. The longer is stays on before showering the better effects you will have
with longevity. 

The Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning lotion is also sold at Sephora and is 
designed specifically for your face and decolletage. It's a moisturizer with subtle tanners 
that make for a beautiful natural tan on your face that doesn't look overdone. 

The same is true for Clarins as St. Tropez with leaving it on as long as you can. 
I suggest applying this at night to a clean face and letting it soak in all night. 

These are both top of the line high end tanners that I love and will continue to 
re-purchase because of the quality and look that these both give. 

What are your favorite self tanners? 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Makeup Mayfest Day 4

I thought I would share my current foundation and concealer routine
that I've been liking.
I had heard great review, after great review, after great review with the
Revlon 24 hour Colorstay Foundation. I had opened it up about a year ago at a
drugstore and thought the consistency looked way too runny and watery for me.
They have 2 different formulas. One for combination/oily and another for
dry/combination. I have a bottle of each and actually enjoy both of them for
different reasons based on what's going on with my skin.
Revlon describes this foundation as a lightweight formula with longwearing
coverage that doesn't cake, fade, or rub off. A flawless look all day long.
Despite my skepticism for how it would work for me I decided to cave
and try it out this year. I kept hearing girl after girl talk about the best way to apply and use
this foundation was with a beauty blender. At first I didn't use it this way... I was stubborn
and tried it with my fingers or a brush and kept being disappointed and wondering what all
the fuss was about UNTIL I pulled out my blender.
Wow. What a difference and how right everyone was. The finish and look of this
foundation is so pretty when applied with a damp beauty blender.
I just take the sponge and run it under cold or warm water and then squeeze all the
excess water out with my hands and then take a towel and ring it out once more. After
that I pour the foundation onto the sponge and then dab it onto my face.
Rather than rubbing or trying to blend it in fast it works best if you just stipple
the product on and take your time.
I have the combination/oily formulation and what I like about this is that it
doesn't dry my skin out or look too fake. I feel that certain brands that are designed
for oily skin or claim to give you a matte finish just look too drying.
This doesn't. It controls oil and shine, but with the damp beauty blender gives
a very natural and pretty finish and glow to the skin.

Next step after getting my foundation on is applying my Maybelline Dream Lumi
concealer under my eyes. This is a brightening and highlighting concealer. If you don't
have a ton of darkness or bags under your eyes this baby is GREAT. I love it for making my eyes
look more awake and full. It is a great drugstore product for highlighting and enhancing
dark areas that need some light and brightness.
This has a little brush at the end that makes it easy for applying the product right up under
your eyes. I have the color Radiant and it's a gorgeous color with some light pink tones
in it. My advice with this concealer is go lighter than you normally would. The purpose of
this is to really highlight that area so the lighter colors looks best.
What are your favorite foundations and concealers? 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Makeup Mayfest ~ Day 3

Monday we meet again and that means time for linking up with
Lindsey at Let the Light Shine and her new co-host which happens to be my bestie
It's no secret among those who are close to me that I love me some
Rachel  Roy dresses. I fell in love with her line last year when I was shopping
for my 10 year high school reunion. Since then my eyes have not strayed far from
her when I step into a Macy's hunting down the next best dress.
Last week I popped into Macy's while they were having their Friends & Family
Event which entitles cardholders to an additional 25% off anything. Last year I
found my beloved white/rose gold Michael Kors watch and this year I grabbed
this little Rachel Roy goodie.
Isn't she just a beaut, Clark?!
The top is a sheer chiffon material while the bottom is a tight spandex.
I love the funky print on top.
Perfect for work, wedding, or even church.
Best thing about this dress.... She was $119 and I got her for $40!!!
Heck to the yes.
Love her back exposed zipper detail.
 Classic black/tan combo (so classy) with the trendy bright
neon colors thrown in for a fun more flirty look.
I do apologize for not having a better picture of me in this dress.
This was dressing room picture that is typically always sent to
Alison, Rachel, and Rebecca for approval. : )
And here we are together for an after hours work event on Thursday
night. What's up with the beer?! Glad you asked. I HATE beer... it is
so disgusting to me. I truly don't understand how people acquire a taste for it.
Blehhhhhh!!! But, my boss is a big beer drinker and so I decided to see if I could compete
with him a little. In telling the bartender what I was trying to do she suggested a
Michelob as she said it was more of a "ladies beer."
Who knows?! I took about 3 or 4 sips and was done.
He won. I will stick to my fruity martinis or white wine.
Happy My Style Monday



Friday, May 3, 2013

Makeup Mayfest ~ Day 2

Happy Friday to you!
I have so many spring lippies to share with you. I have decided I think I
will narrow them down by brand and today I'm going to share some Cover Girl
goodies that I have bought this spring.
I have been loving my Covergirl jumbo gloss balms.
There is something about a big fat crayon lip product that I love.
They are easy and honestly just kind of fun!
Color on the left (#235) is a fun bright coral.
Color on the right (#215) is a bright soft watermelon pink.
These provide a good balm like texture to your lips and also have really
great lasting power. They aren't a stain by any means, but I will often top these
off with a gloss and I've noticed having some color left on my lips after hours
of them being applied.

This was my fortune cookie yesterday... I'm not a suspicious person or believe
in a lot of signs, but the timing of this was pretty darn good. This week has not been
a good one... I truly need God to help me with some stuff I got going on. I know He is able
and I know I have to trust Him, but the letting go and letting God is not always the
easiest. Prayers welcome please!
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Makeup Mayfest~ Day 1

I have decided to set a pretty bold goal for myself during the month of May.
You ready for this?!
I am planning to blog every day Monday-Friday during the month of May for a segment of my own
called "Makeup Mayfest." I thought it would be a fun little challenge for myself
to provide reviews, looks, opinions, and products!!!
Now, don't judge me because I have clearly already failed since today is May 2nd.
But, does it count that I really planned on posting this yesterday?!?!
Probably not. I'm pretty laid back about stuff so don't get your panties in a wad if I miss
a day here or there... I may try to double up, but we shall see. Anywhoo, the "GOAL" is
to post something every day. It will not always be makeup related... it may be fashion
related, random nuggets on my life, spiritual stuff, etc.
So, here we go. What better way to start Makeup Mayfest than
with a NOTD post.
You people love some nail polish.
I posted this picture last night on Instagram. (follow me if you aren't already)
Love me some Butter London polishes. They come with a hefty price tag ($14 a bottle)
but they are a great nail treat when you want something luxurious.
I'm not going to sit here and tell you that they are drastically superior to any other
polish, but what I will tell you that I like about their polishes is the way they apply.
The brush is really thin and the polish has a more watery base in my opinion. Something
about the texture of their polishes make applying this to your nails so much easier to me.
It's like the polish just glides on without you having to be too super careful and focused
on getting too much product and then it globbing up.
This color is in "Smog" and it's a gorgeous hot pink. Butter polishes can be found at Ulta
or on their website. Since they are so pricy the colors I have bought from them are
staple colors that aren't trendy. Colors that I know I will always want to use no matter
what the current nail trends are.
Have you tried any Butter polishes?!
And please tell me you're excited about Makeup Mayfest!!!! : ) 

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