Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Trends

Have you guys seen this nail trend?

You take one nail and paint it a darker shade than the rest of your nails. I decided
to give this a try last week and I'm not really sure how I feel about it.

I've gotten mixed feedback from friends, but mostly negative. One of my guy
friends called it creepy. ha. I was feeling all edgy and cool trying something different,
but like Alison said maybe it's just not the right color combo.

Anyway, just thought I would share. If you are interested in either of these shades
the taupe/grey color is Essie "Chinchilly" and the ring finger is Essie "Over the Edge".

Have a great day!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Rewind. What's in my Bag?

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you had a great weekend... it's almost February... crazy, huh? Is it crazy that I am
a little excited about painting my finger nails red, pulling out some pomegranate
gloss and sporting some festive outfits?! Ha. I mean it's not like I'm going anywhere to
sport the reds for the month of love, but I can do it just cuz, right?!

So, this weekend I was on a mission to try out some drug store foundation. I am
almost out of my Make Up Forever HD foundation that I bought back in the fall and b/c
I'm not 100% convinced that I am going to repurchase I wanted to get a cheaper alternative
to hold me over until I decide what I want to try next.

I went into CVS with mom and was headed for the Revlon Color Stay foundation after
hearing great reviews on coverage, staying power, and the fact that it has two formulas
(dry and oily) based on your skin type. So, I find it, open the bottle, and was instantly turned
away from it. Guys, it was so watery and runny I just couldn't begin to fathom how that was
going to set into my skin. I was really disappointed b/c the girl who recommends it I love
and trust, but I showed my mom and we both were like no way... this can't work.

So, my next item on the list was Loreal. Heard of a couple different foundations that are
worthwhile, but settled on the Loreal Magic Souffle simple for the fact that it was on
sale for $9.99. : )

The packing is kind of nice. It's in a glass container with a pink top that twists off.

It has a very unique texture. Not a liquid. Not a powder. It is very whipped and creamy.
Very lightweight in texture. It's actually really nice.

I've used it once since purchasing on Saturday and the first thing I noticed after blending
is how much more of a matte finish it gives than the Make Up Forever. It almost has
more of a powdery finish. I'm not opposed to the look b/c I do have combination skin
and can get a bit oily in the T-zone so it may actually be a good finish for me.

In case you are wondering or not familiar with the brand Make Up Forever... it is
a brand exclusively sold at Sephora and one of the things they are know for is
their HD (high definition) products.

The Make Up Forever HD foundation I have been using is a liquid foundation and is
much more runny/watery and gives off a bit more luminosity to the skin that
the Loreal.

I bought the shade Buff Beige and it seems to work great for my skin.
My mom helped me pick out the color. I am TERRIBLE at picking out foundation
shades at the drug store. One of the reasons I never buy drug store foundation and powders
is b/c I never know if I'm getting the right shade.

It can really stress me out. ha.

As I'm checking out I see this EOS lip balm. Stands for Evolution of Smooth.
I've just heard they are great moisturizing balms and I really don't own
anything like this so I decided to get and possibly keep in my nightstand for before bed.

They are all natural.
Infused with Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil.

This is the Summer Fruit scent.

I did go home this weekend to spend some time with the parentals and for those
of you who don't know my parents live in Jasper, AL and there is this really
great boutique store there I like called Carol's. They are located inside the Jasper Mall.

They had some spring things out and I was drawn to this coral/peachy top/dress.
I think it will be cute this spring (with some color on my skin) and some gold jewelry
and maybe black pumps?! I'm not sure what kind of shoes to wear with this.

Coral is the shade of the upcoming season in case you haven't heard!! Love it.
Such a pretty color!! I'm SOOOOO ready for Spring/Summer. Gosh, once New Year's
is over I am SO blasted over the winter and cold.

The company that makes this dress is Hourglass Lilly in case you wanted to research
their merchandise.

Hope you have a great week!
Did you buy anything unique or fun this weekend?!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Faves

So, how well have I done this week with blogging?! Aren't you so proud?!

Time for a Friday Fave!!

Revlon recently came out with the Lip Butters and guys they are truly amazing.
They are a moisturizing lip balm, but with great color and pigmentation to look
more like a lipstick than balm.

I'm sure you have seen the ads and commercials with the lovely Emma Stone.
In her print she is sporting the shade "Peach Parfait" which is my personal fave.
It is the most wearable every day shade that looks great with any colors you are wearing.
Very natural. Very pretty. Love it!

I have four different Lip Butter shades.
From left to right:
Peach Parfait (my fave)
Strawberry Shortcake (bubblegum pink)
Candy Apple (bright red)
Berry Smoothie (berry)

Left to right:
Peach Parfait
Strawberry Shortcake
Candy Apple
Berry Smoothie

This is the packaging. They are in a quilted looking plastic tube.

Here are some swatches of the colors I own.
From bottom to top:
Peach Parfait
Strawberry Shortcake
Candy Apple
Berry Smoothie

Have you heard about the RLB? If so, which shades do you own and like?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

11 Things... Tagged and Bagged...

So, I am maybe one of the world's worst in doing email/blog posts about answering
questions about yourself, but I'm feelin it today. One of my besties, Rachel tagged
me in her post she did so what the heck, let's do this thang!

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules.2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.

6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

So... here we go.

1. I HATE possums. Despise their being. I think they are satanic little creatures that roam
the earth that may have come straight from Hell. And yes, I deliberately hit them with
my car if I have the chance.

2. I was issued my second passport in 2007 and made a goal to go to a different country
every year that the passport is valid. 10 years. In 5 years I have visited 4 countries
(Italy, Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico) and have 6 left to go!!

3. I LOATHE the smell/taste of mint. I can't chew mint gum and can barely brush
my teeth with mint flavored toothpaste. It honestly makes my throat close up and want to gag
when I smell it. If you are chewing mint gum and especially spearmint near me PLEASE
don't breath on me or I may walk away.

4. If I could be anything I wanted to be I would chose a singer/songwriter/rocker.
I LOVE good music and all the emotions it brings out. To be able to do that successfully
every day of your life and have people respect and admire you for amazing pipes the Lord
blessed you with would be a dream come true.

5. I love Italian food. I think if given the choice I could eat it every day of the week and never
get tired of it.

6. I love the words "Milk" and "Moist." Weird, right? I know. I love the way they sound
when you say them slow.

7. I don't like Birthday cake or Icing! Yep, I said it. I always got those big
chocolate chip cookies for my birthday and still do. Cake kind of grosses me out.

8. I don't eat the ends of things. Like for example take a chicken finger. I realize that you
do have to start at one end, but I don't finish. The ends gross me out. French fries
are the same way. Start at one, but don't finish on the other.

9. Last fall I met the Executive Producer of The Today Show!! Talked with him, got pictures
with him and personally sent him my resume. Working at The Today Show would probably
fall second into dream jobs after being a Rocker!

10. I love purses and make-up. Two of my favorite things to indulge myself with. Have
loved both of these things since being a little girl.

11. My kitty cat, Harley (that all my friends hate) sleeps in between my legs every night
and I love it!

My Questions to Answer:

1. What are you wearing right now?

A white waffle robe. No make-up. Hair in clip.

2. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move?

Oh gosh. Just one place? So many different places to go and experience before
I can answer this. But, with my limited knowledge and experiences I would say Italy.
What an amazing, romantic, historical place! ahhhh, yes!

3. Who is your celeb crush?

You know, I watch a lot of movies and get into all the celeb gossip, but I don't have just
one person that I'm obsessed with. But, a few of my loves would be David Beckham,
John Krasinski, Ryan Gosling, and Adam Levine.

4. What is a beauty product you couldn’t live without? (i.e. mascara or chapstick)

Seriously?? Just one product? My chest is getting tight... ha.
Man.. this is hard. Ok, I can't... here is top 3.
Lip gloss

5. Do you think you are high maintenance or low maintenance? Why?

Some would tell you high. But, honestly I think not. Do I like nice things? Yes, of course.
But, I feel like I am a grounded person that tries my hardest to keep my priorities
straight and in line with being a Christ-follower. I do have to check myself often and ask
myself questions to see where my motives are, but I am very laid back... easy going... and
always drama free. Hate drama and caddy people. Ask Alison.

6. Would you rather have to run a marathon and a half marathon on consecutive days or be stuck on “It’s a Small World” for 5 hours?

Ha! Oh my word this is comical. I don't exercise people. I try and I go through phases where
I do (normally in spring for upcoming swimsuits) but never consistently worked out. So,
without a doubt I would say be stuck on It's a small world. Bring on these creepy little

7. What is your hands down, all time favorite movie?

Cant' answer this one. I don't have an all time fave.
Movies I quote from often are Anchor Man, and Dumb and Dumber.

8. If you were on Death Row, what would be your last meal?

Penne Pasta with Italian sausage tossed in a marinara sauce with garlic cheese bread
and a coke or sweet tea. For dessert... homemade chocolate chip cookies.

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

For food... Recess's Peanut Butter Eggs!!!! Fave candy of all time. Hands down.
Other things... make-up, purses, clothes.

10. Do you wash your hair everyday?

LOL! Another comical question for me. Heck NO I don't wash my hair every day. I wash
my hair two times a week and use dry-shampoo in between and my hair thanks me for it.
My hair looks the most fabulous when dirty.

11. Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone?

TEXT!!! I'm not a phone talker. Ask any of my friends... this may be the most frustrating thing
about me as a friend. I hate the phone. I would much rather see your beautiful face in person
over dinner/lunch/coffee/house. I have found Hey-Tell (app for iphone) very
useful though. I can hear your voice, but still carry on what I'm doing without being tied
down to a long phone conversation.

My questions for fellow friends:

1. Birthdays. Love them or hate them.

2. Get your purse/gym bag: What are the first five things you pull out?

3. What is the one meal you can make better than anyone else?

4. You get one wish. No restrictions. What is it?

5. Cake or Pie?

6. What’s your secret talent?

7. Early bird or night owl?

8. Biggest pet peeve?

9. What’s your favorite weird food combination?

10. Which would you choose? No social media for a year or no working out for a month? Why?

11. What are you sending me for my birthday?

I'm tagging:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Reveals (Day Something)

Ok, let me just make this short and sweet...

If you feel like your skin is in need of some glowy, healthy, radiant skin...

Then WOWZA BOWZA this Benefit set is flippin awesome!

Sad thing is this set is not still available as a set of minis like this at Sephora, but
you can buy the full size products if interested.

So, the set is called "Finding Mr. Bright." Love the name! If you can't find
Mr. Right just settle for Mr. Bright for now! :) He will not disappoint!!

So, the set includes the following products:

Girl Meets Pearl (a pink/gold cream highlight)
Posie tint (light pink cheek/lip stain)
High Beam (liquid pearl highlighter with brush applicator)
Erase paste (concealer)

Ok, ladies... I have never tired Benefit products before and I am truly in LOVE with
these products. I can honestly say I would re-purchase all of these items when
I run out.

My favorite's have for sure been the "Girl meets Pearl" and "High Beam"
highlighters. OH.MY.WORD. Seriously, unlike any other highlighter I have ever used
before. Your face goes from blah to BAM! It just makes your skin look so healthy, glowy,
and amazing! LOVE it! I've heard "High Beam" described as supermodel in a bottle.

I do think "Girl Meets Pearl" is a more wearable highlighter and "High Beam" is a bit
more night/glam look.

The concealer is amazing and covers great and the tint is really great. I have used on
both cheeks and lips and it gives a great natural pink color.

SO very pleased with Benefit and the quality of their products. Will definitely be
re-purchasing and looking into more of their goods.

For more information on Benefit click here.

Have a GREAT one.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Rewind. What's in my Bag?

Well, Well, Well.... who decided to do some make-up shopping this
weekend and actually post about it??!!

This Girl!!

I actually haven't been buying many new things, but there have been a few drug-store
products on my radar for the past month and wanted to share with you guys.

Maybelline recently came out with a product called "Color Tattoo" that is
getting a lot of buzz. They are a cream shadow that can be used as a base or
be worn on their own. They claim to last 24 hours.

MAC has a product similar to this called "Paint pots." They are highly buzzed about
products that beauty gurus love. They are in a pot just like these above and are used as
an eye-shadow primer. They retail for $17.50 while the Maybelline Color Tattoo
are $5.84!

The colors I got are from left to right: Too Cool, Tough as Taupe, and Pomegranate
Punk. I cannot wait to use the Tough as Taupe shade... this was the color I was so interested
in b/c is is a matte gray/taupe. You don't see that very often.

Even though I wasn't planning to coordinate the colors I think all 3 shades would be
great together. You could wear the Tough as Taupe on your lid, Pomegranate in your
crease, and Too Cool under your brow as a highlight.

Next item on my list was the also new buzzed about Maybelline Bouncy blushes.

Shades I purchased left to right are Hot Tamale and Coffee Cake.

These seem to be pretty sheer in coverage... so, while that Hot Tamale color looks really
bright and scary it's actually not that bright. I think it will be a great color for
spring/summer when you have some tan going on.

The coolest thing about these blushes is the texture!! When the claim to "Bouncy"
they really are. When you press down on the product it almost becomes like
memory foam and creates an indention.

It has a very lightweight texture that feels like a powder, but apparently melts on
your skin more like a cream to give you that radiant glow.

So, the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush wasn't really on
my list, but I have heard good things about this....SO.... yeah, it got thrown in the

This color is called "Warm" and I think it's so pretty because you get all shades of

These blushes don't really promise to give you a ton of color, but more of a healthy glow.
There are also pearls infused into the product to highlight and add radiance to the skin.
So, on days when you just want to feel/look more natural this is a good go to.

I think it's funny that they market it as a "mood boosting blush." Really? Can a blush
boost your mood??!! Who knows? I will let you know if I am floating around on Cloud 9
when wearing this. But, for some reason I'm not really counting on it.

So, Wet n Wild is not a product I would reach for on my own. I always felt like
their stuff was not worth buying b/c it's so cheap. Snobby, right? I always
feel like price=quality. Sometimes it is, but not always. A girl I watch on youtube, that is
a news anchor in morning, but beauty guru by afternoon really promotes and favorites
some of Wet n Wild's eyeshadow palettes. She recently did a favorite eye products of
2011 and this palette in "Silent Treatment" made her list.

The shades really are gorgeous. I love the bottom taupe shade!! This was under $3
so you can't go wrong trying it!

Ok, so YAY for me doing a Weekend Rewind post, right?! Hope some of these products
peek your interest. They certainly have mine.

Have a great day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Reveals (Day 5)

So, I have been so horrible at blogging lately, right? My mind has just not
been into it lately. I try to do better, but I fail. I need a good boost of motivation.

I'm not going to say much about this post because I talked more in detail about this in
my Dear Santa posts. The Skinsonic is basically the same concept as the
Clarisonic that Sephora sells.
It is a cleaning system for your face. It is great for your pores, deep cleaning and removing
all the make-up and dirt off your face, as well as moisturizing and exfoliating.

So, as you can see the Skinsonic comes with 5 heads!!! The blue head is for cleaning
sensitive skin, the black is for a deeper cleaning, the two in the middle with soft
heads are for getting your moisturizer into your skin and exfoliating and the
one on the end is a massage head.

The Skinsonic is such a great value. You get the 5 heads, the device, and the
holding case.

The Clairisonic sold at Sephora is $150 plus... sheesh. I've never used it so I can't
really compare how this one performs to it, but I really love it. I've been using it
every night (when I'm not too tired and lazy) and I can really tell a difference in my
skin. It looks cleaner and shinier and just more smooth.

For more information or purchasing one of your own click here.

Sirius Beauty also has some options for acne and anti-aging that you may
be interested in looking at. Click here for more info.

Have a SIRIUSLY awesome weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Reveals (Day 3)

So, something I had not anticipated or asked for is this Clean Body Veil by
the brand Clean.

My mother has this and apparently really likes it. This is more of a body powder...
I don't think it is for face use. I actually used it on my hair when I was home one
weekend b/c I didn't pack my dry shampoo. So, this was a great alternative for drying
up the part in my hair where it was oily. It smells great and super clean.

I'm not sure how much I will actually use this, but it is a nice gift to have for those
days when you feel like you need a fresh little pick me up.

Clean Body VeilCLEAN

Clean Body Veil
What it is:
A moisture-absorbing body powder, scented with the Original CLEAN fragrance, in a time-released format.

What it does:
CLEAN Moisture Absorbent Fresh Body Veil is not your grandmother's powder! This fresh-keeping essential harnesses Cotton Vantage, a new technology that blends cotton seeds, cotton extracts, and cotton proteins to help absorb excess moisture. The time-release scent keeps skin smelling CLEAN all day long, while it helps keep you dry and protects delicate, moisture-sensitive fabrics.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Dyes
- Triclosan

What else you need to know:
This product is not animal tested and does not contain propylene glycol, mineral oil, animal ingredients, or talc.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Reveals (Day 2)

So, if you read my Dear Santa posts you will remember that one of the perfumes
on my "wish list" was Flora by Gucci.

Guess what??? Santa delivered!! yay. I have been wearing this every day and it is
Oh so nice!! My friend Alison says it reminds her of a signature teacher sent
when you are a little kid. You know those teachers that always smell good and have
a scent about them you can remember. I'm not really sure how I feel about that
comment... I mean I would rather her say I smelled really sexy, or girly, or fun
than a teacher!! HA! But, regardless it smells great.

Light. Clean. Sweet. Pretty.

Or, if your Alison... a good teacher!

Flora By Gucci Eau FraîcheGucci

Flora By Gucci Eau Fraîche
Born of youthful elegance and subtle sensuality, Flora By Gucci Eau Fraiche adds a bright, citrusy element to the Gucci fragrance family. The fragrance's mandarin top notes mingle with the piquant vibrancy of kumquat and bergamot fruit. In the heart notes, a transparent floralcy glimmers against an elegant base, one that blends an edgy peppery note with a warm touch of sandalwood.

Citrus Accords, Kumquat, Peony, Rose, Osmanthus, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood, Patchouli.
Playful. Fruity. Floral.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Reveals (Day 1)


I hope your 2012 has had a great start and you are filled with renewed minds, hearts,
and spirits to be determined to make this year better than the last.

After my "Dear Santa" posts I thought I would update you with some things that
Santa did bring me with some reviews!

If you read my blog often you know that skincare has become a new priority for me and
researching the best products for my skintype.

I have heard SO many good things from friends, youtube subscriptions, and reviews about
the Philosophy line sold at Sephora. Their Purity facewash, Hope in a Jar moisturizer,
and Help Me retinal cream are all award winning products among many other
things they sale.

Last year I bought a sample size bottle of the Purity face-wash because I wanted to see what
all the hype was about. Honestly, when I tried it I was not crazy about it. The formula
is one that does not foam up and give you bubbles and all that jazz. For me that's
important b/c it makes me feel like my face is getting really clean. Their cleanser
however, does claim to be a one step process. It dissolves dirt, makeup and other
impurities in one step. No toner, scrub etc needed afterwards. Although, I don't
discourage that.

But, after talking to Rachel and her love for all their products I decided to give
everything a try together. So, the Great Skin Is In Set was added to my Wish List.

Great Skin Is In™ - Normal to Combination ($105 Value) Philosophy

Great Skin Is In™ - Normal to Combination ($105 Value)
What it is:
A set of skincare essentials for normal to combination skin types.

What it is formulated to do:
Great skin is always in. This routine helps you achieve the best skin of your life in three easy steps. Used together, these products promote a healthy, radiant-looking complexion while balancing skin that's dry in some places, oily in others.

This set contains:
- 8 oz Purity Made Simple
- 1.05 oz Help Me
- 2 oz Hope In A Jar Original

What else you need to know:
The Help Me night treatment contains retinol to soften the appearance of fine lines.

As you can see you get the cleanser, moisturizer, and retinal cream. I have been using
this combo pretty consistently through the holidays and I'm really liking it.

If you haven't heard of "Hope in a Jar" Oprah listed this product as one of her
favorite things. : ) You guys know how I am with products that get celebrity buzz.
The moisturizer has a nice clean fragrance that's really nice. My mom asked me one day
after I had applied if I put some perfume on? Ha. It took me a second to realize it
was the moisturizer, but she thought it smelled really nice. It almost has a whipped
texture to it and just melts into your skin. Super light and blendable. I will say I am a
HUGE fan of the Ole Henriksen line and LOVE their "Sheer Transformation"
moisturizer. I don't love the "Hope in a Jar" more than OH, but if that changes
I will let you know.

The retinal cream "Help Me" is an anti-again cream that is to be applied before
Hope in Jar. It is designed to keep pores clean and minimized, reduces wrinkles
and discoloration and boosts tone and firmness. WOO HOO!! Yes, Yes, please
bring that on!! Love the research results! :)

Research Results:
In an eight-week independent clinical study, clinician grading showed:
- 100% of subjects had improvement in fine lines.
- 100% had smoother skin.
- 94% had improvement in wrinkles.
- 88% had firmer skin.

So, overall I am very happy with using this line. It's easy, affordable, and promises
great results.

Thank you St. Nick for boosting my skincare process!

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