Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Santa (Day 6)

Santa Santa Santa....

I know you need stocking stuffer ideas...

So, here I am again with plenty of ideas!!

Benefit has this lip and cheek stain that I have heard wonderful things about.
Basically, you apply to either place and it gives a rosy tint that will last longer
than your typical cheek or lip product.

Have you heard anything about the Benefit They're Real Mascara?
Well, I have! It's supposed to be one of the best mascaras out right now and beauty
gurus are raving about how awesome it is. I am not one to really splurge on mascara.
I like Loreal a lot so it would be nice to have someone else splurge on an item like this
that I would like to try, but doubtful spend my own money on.

Ahhh... who wouldn't love some cozy shea infused socks to wear on Christmas
morning? This Bath & Body steal would make for a great gift for any lady in your
life. They are so warm and cozy and make your feet feel so incredibly soft with the shea

I have been wanting to splurge on these Butter London polishes sold at Ulta for months
now!! But, I can't bring myself to pay $14 for a bottle of nail polish. This is a new brand
that again is another beauty guru must have.

I think this red is just a classic staple that any girl would love in her collection.
It's called... Come to Bed Red! ;)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this green color called British Racing Green. I think it's the perfect
deep Christmas green! If I don't get this for Christmas then I will be purchasing this
for myself afterwards!

I love this iphone case! I found this designer Jonathan Adler in Francesca's the other
day while dress shopping. They did not have this color in the store so I googled
it when I got home and found a few places online where you can purchase. I love
that it has the soft matte finish as well.

Yay for fun little bite sized gifts!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Santa (Day 5)

Santa Baby...
I've been an awfully good girl this year...

If you will check off my Christmas Beauty list
I do promise to be just as good next year!

I have REALLY fallen in love with my NARS Laguna bronzer this fall which is why
I know I will love this limited edition Blush Palette.

It's limited edition and has been sold out on the Sephora website for months now!

This palette comes with a highlighter, bronzer, and four top selling Nars
blushes including the cult favorite Orgasm and Super Orgasm.
WOWZERS... that made me blush for real!

You know how I love to travel and be on the go. This would make for such a
great palette to take for on the go and have every color I could possibly need!

Santa Baby
Hurry Down the Chimney tonight
With this Nars Palette
My cheeks will thank you!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Santa (Day 4)

Hey Santa,

Just in case you are running out of ideas I wanted to give you another suggestion.

When I was coming back from Mexico I saw a purse I fell in love with. Ho, Ho... you
know how much I love purses. I know, I know you say you have enough purses.
But, Santa I have decided I need a nice leather purse in every color and lucky for me
I don't have a genuine leather purse in camel. Every girl needs a great leather camel
bag. My friend Jana agrees, so there!

Santa, you can go HERE to check my bag out online, but I know your elves
are already spinning their big ears to make this bag just for me!

My shoulder will thank you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Santa (Day3)

Hey There Santa! It's me again...

I have another fabulous idea of what you can put in your big red velvet bag to deliver
to Brooke Story, on your "VERY Good list" :)

I recently went to Sephora to smell the Jennifer Anniston perfume, but much to my
disappointment I didn't think the smell did much for me. So, my new friend George
at the perfume counter helped me find just the right scent. I explained to him that I like
really light scents with a touch of sweet. I told him the only perfume I have ever finished
the entire bottle was Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana.

After smelling many different fragrances and coffee beans I found two yummy scents.

My first choice and new love is Flora by Gucci in the Eau Fraiche.
It's a great light citrusy flirty scent that compliments me very well.

My next favorite scent was Lovestruck by Vera Wang.
Again another light and romantic scent.

Thanks St. Nick!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Santa (Day 2)

Dearest Santa,
As you know I recently had a facial that was not the most enjoyable thing ever.
I did however become informed that I need to be using a deeper cleansing technique
to decrease the size of my pores, prevent blackheads and breakouts, and
make my skin look more youthful.

So, with all that said I have found the perfect tool that you can bring me on Christmas
morning. It is the Skinsonic Skincare System. You will be so proud to know that I have
found a MUCH more affordable alternative to the highly sought after "Clarisonic"
from Sephora that retails for $150.

Santa, this retails for $49 and it comes with SO much more than the Clarisonic.
For $49 I get 5 different heads!! I will get normal, sensitive, exfoliation, hydration,
and toning brush head!!

I think this will be a lovely addition to my skincare routine and I would be one holly
jolly little girl to get this.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Santa (Day 1)

So, I know I promised I would do better about blog posts and I have not been very
committed to that promise. I have found that I am in a apathetic funk right now...
and I think I've been there for a while. There are many things in my life right now that I just
don't care much about. I have a whatever, I don't care kind of attitude. It's not like
I am miserable or unhappy or anything like that, but just very unmotivated and I am going to
have to find a way to change that soon. I need some change in a few areas of my life and I need
to be committed to make that happen!

So, there you have a quick mini update on me.

I thought I would do several posts in December about gift ideas that involve things
that I personally would love to receive for Christmas!

I traveled to Mexico over Thanksgiving with my Mom and Nana to celebrate my mom turning
50 this month. It's a fun girly trip that we have been planning for over a year now. We
went to Playa del Carmen and stayed at The Royal. It was such a lovely luxurious
trip. Beautiful!

The last day we were there I had a facial. When you think of a facial don't
the words relaxing, therapeutic, and tranquil come to mind? Well, think again if
you sign up for a cleansing facial. For an hour long appointment I can honestly say
that half of that time was spent in pain. Picking blackheads and impurities out of my skin!
OUCH!!! It hurt so bad at one point I was about to grab her pretty little hand out of my
RELAXING I'M OUT OF HERE! But, of course I didn't. I'm sweet... just sat there
and took it like a woman and said... "I'm fine." ha.

So, she used these products on me that you probably have heard of if you have ever
had spa treatment. The brand is called Pevonia. She recommended several products
to me; a cleanser and cream that would help my skintype. She explained to me that
I am oily basically in my Tzone, but a bit dry around my cheeks.

So, the line she recommended to me was to help prevent blackheads as well as fight and
treat them.

Pevonia Combination Skin Cleanser.
Retails for $28.50
Key Ingredients:

Grapefruit Essential Oil
Safflower Oil

Combination Skin Cream
Retails for $48.50
Key Ingredients:

Hazel Nut Oil
Tocopherol (vitamin E)

If you know any of Santa's elves pass the word along to him that I would
LOVE to try this skincare line!

Happy Holidays!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Rewind. What's in my Bag?

Hey Hey! So, I promised you Friday that I was going to do better about blogging.
I had to push myself to do this Weekend Rewind post so feel very special that
I had you in mind! : )

You will notice shortly a theme to this post... or maybe not. For those of you that
are like me and not very observant I will tell you... every picture and product has Orange
in it! I actually bought one other thing, but it wasn't orange so I decided to not
mess up my consistency I have going in this post! I will do another post soon
on the eyshadow duo, Loreal Hip in the shade 510 electrified.

One thing I am going to try to get better at in blogging is reviewing more products that
I mention/use. I feel like I blog about things I buy, but I want you to get reviews as
well so you can know what I like/don't like about certain things I may mention.

So, with that said... here is what was in my bag this weekend. I did a little
copy-catting this weekend and bought items that were mentioned in a recent
youtube video by Kandee Johnson. She did a video on her nighttime cleansing routine
and after watching decided I wanted to give Burt's Bee products a chance!

Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser.

Kandee actually didn't mention this face wash, but when I was buying the scrub below
I decided that the cleanser and scrub would work really well together and decided
to get both. This cleanser is an award winning product that claims to "gently
remove all traces of dirt, oil, makeup, and pollutants while moisturizing and
conditioning the skin."

Retails for $8.99

As most of you probably know Burt's Bees products are 100% natural ingredients.
You can purchase at Whole Foods, Drugstore, or Wal-Mart.

Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

This is the product Kandee Johnson claims to use as her primary means of removing
her makeup. She says in her video that it's not too harsh to use every day to cleanse
as well as exfoliate. Scrub claims to "leave your skin fresh and dewy as it exfoliates
dead skin cells."

It retails for $8.99

Alba un-petroleum Jelly

This was another product Kandee talked about in her video. She uses this jelly
under her eyes, forehead, and smile lines for added moisturizing. It has a vaseline
texture feel to it, but she said that it won't clog your pores or leave you with break-outs
b/c of the ingredients used. It has seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E
among a few other things.

I plan to use this mostly under my eyes, forehead (where I have expression lines) and
maybe a little around smile lines. I doubt I will use all over my face or too much in the
T-zone since I tend to break out in that area.

Ahhh yes, Vitamin C gummies how I have longed for your goodness!! So, the
last few rounds of Vitamin C I have taken have either been the chewable tablets or
Flinestone chewables, which are like eating candy!! I haven't been taking any C
for a while now and several people around me have been sick and with Holidays coming
up I want to do some preventative action!!

I am SO excited about the gummies though. I would take the multi-vitamin in a gummie
too if they weren't so darn expensive!! It's like $13... crazy!

I got these at Wal-Mart for $4.95

And good ole One A Day. I have been slacking on my vitamins lately so
back to the daily grind!

Yay for staying healthy during this crazy, but joyful time of the year!

Have a lovely day!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Faves

Well HELLOOOO there beauties!

After a near month break of blogging, I'm back! Where have you been you say?
Why did you stop blogging? hmmm. I'm not really sure. Laziness, planning trips
to NYC and Mexico, and best of all I got a baby puppy dog last week!! She is a light
apricot maltipoo named Millie and she has consumed my world. I will do a post on her
soon so you can meet this precious little angel!

So, I'm going to try my best to keep up with blogging and doing more reviews, but with
the Holidays quickly approaching I'm not making any promises! : ) Things get cray cray
around this time of the year.

So, I do have a Friday Product Fave that I wanted to blog about. I bought the Revlon
Photo Ready concealer about a month ago and have been using every day under my eyes and
on any blemishes I have!

Guys, I have to say I am so into this concealer. I have quit using my higher end
stuff and grab for this over the expensive stuff now! It is a stick which would lead you
to believe it would be a more dry consistency. Negative. It is the most creamy, smooth,
blendable concealer.

My face recently decided to turn into a pizza right before my trip to NYC and this
stuff covered my blemishes like nobody's business! I even showed my girlfriends on the
trip how well it hide my pepperoni face. They were all impressed and wanted to use it!

It's a bit more expensive than maybe your average drug store product, but much better
than a department store. Retails for $9.99.

I purchased the 003 light/medium shade and it works perfect for me for anyone that
is interested in knowing.

Ok, so this was a quickie. : ) Hope you enjoyed. I will do better, I promise!

Have a Fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Wednesday Review

Happy Hump Day!

Here's to a Review on your Wednesday.

I recently bought a pair of Tweezerman tweezers because I of course heard
wonderful things about them. I have been using my trusty Revlon tweezers for
a while and they seemed to do the job ok, but I'm always up for an upgrade if it's
reasonable. Several people had told me how you can really tell a difference when tweezing
with this brand.

"Hair jumps off your eyebrows..."

"Practically painfree..."

"Best tweezers on the market..."

As you can see in the picture they did receive an Allure Best of Beauty Choice
Award. I'm all about using products that win awards! : ) It speaks volume to me.
If that many people like it... it HAS to be good, right?!

So, my personal opinion of these tweezers? They are the bomb. I can be
pretty skeptical about certain products or tools that are more money. I often think
can they really be that different than a drugstore pair for $5. For me personally they are.
If you don't have thick unruly brows like me then it might not be worth the splurge for
you. These retails for $20.

Happy Tweezing!
I seriously need to get my Tweeze on today... yikes!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Rewind. What's in my Bag?

Hi All!

Did you have an eventful weekend? Mine was PRETTY dawgone boring!

Well, I take that back.... I had a blast Friday night with my friend Valerie and her
groupies. We went out to celebrate her birthday and ended up at a RANDOM
karaoke place. Fun was had... I will leave it at that. :)

I spent a lot of time on the couch watching movies, Kardashian weddings, and enjoying
all my fall decor! I got these cute pumpkin lanterns this past week that I need to do
a post on. I put some pumpkin spice candles in them and when lite up it
brings so much warmth and fun to my living room and mantle!

Ok, so enough of my boring weekend... I had one item in my bag that I wanted
to share with you and it's a good one!

MAC has a new skinfinish in their Fall line called Lightscapade.
It is a GORGEOUS highlighter. It is almost a white gold with blue/pink tones
throughout the powder.

It doesn't have any sparkle to it and gives your skin a gorgeous glow. MAC has several
other mineralize skinfinish that people love. Soft and Gentle and By Candlelight
are two other popular MSF that MAC groupies rave about.

This is a gorgeous shade for anyone with light to medium skintones.

In it's package. Apparently this color was so popular that it sold out in
a couple of hours when it was released on MAC website.

You can really see the blue and pink here.

Who's that girl??

Here you get an idea of how this looks on the skin. If you look
at the tops of my cheekbones you see the lighter shade and glow effect that this
powder gives! Pretty huh?!

What was in your bag this weekend? Anything exciting?
Share with me... I love to hear!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Faves

Hi Lovelies!

Rachel and I are considering doing a Friday Faves link up so if you have a blog
and would like to showcase your "favorite things" on Friday's let me know!!

Last night I was with some girlie friends at this place in Homewood called Jackson's.
It is a great little hangout place that has an awesome patio area to sit outside.
We had gumbo, crab cake sandwiches, a hamburger omelet, buffalo chicken feathers,
and steak and cheese sandwich!!! YUM. Love that place. Hungry yet?!

Anyway, my friend Holly started asking me make-up questions. She was like... how do you
get your eye shadow to stay put all day long? How does your foundation and blush
still look good and hasn't sweated off? Well, I proceeded to say... I did do a small
touch up before I met them, BUT there are some great products that help your make-up
looking fresh and more put together all day long!

For your face use a primer before you put your foundation or powder on that will
help minimize your fine lines and pores and help make-up stay in place and not run.

Brightening Formula. This really just gives your foundation or powder
something to stick to and give your face more lasting power!
Retails @ Sephora for $30.

For lasting eyeshadow I have two faves! The first is another Urban Decay product.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is amazing! I have been using this
since spring and I have been so impressed with my eyeshadow lasting all day long.
This is a clear cream that you apply to your eyes before you put on any eyeshadow..
let it dry and then apply.
Retails @ Sephora for $19.
The shadow that my friend, Holls, was asking about last night is one of my new
faves!! Make-Up Forever has Aqua Cream that can serve as a shadow on it's own
or a great primer/base. It is a water proof formula so it ain't going no where!
Retails @ Sephora for $22.

Yikes on this color!! I have 3 of these creams. Shade 2, 13, and 15. Shade 13
is a gorgeous champagne shimmer color that is light enough to use as a base and add
some other shades mixed in. Last night I used shade 13 on my lid, then applied a darker
pink/champagne color from a Wet N Wild Palette to add some dimension and then
took a matte brown in my crease. Very pretty and fresh looking!

Let me know what you think about this segment and what you are interested in
learning more about.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall in a Jar

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to do a quick post and RAVE about one of my favorite fall things!

I recently did a post where I featured several Bath & Body Works fall candles that
I had picked up. I bought Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside, and Sweet
Cinnamon Pumpkin. They all smell so delicious and yummy for fall.

I have to give a big shout out for the scent "Leaves."
I have described this candle to several friends as
"Fall in a Jar." If you can imagine all the scents that you smell during the Fall
season this candle has it! It has such a warm, homey, and spicy scent.

Bath & Body describes this scent as:
"Autumnal notes of golden nectar, juicy mandarin and red delicious apple are paired with
toasted cinnamon stick, mulled cider spices and freshly harvested red berries."

I have found myself coming home and burning this candle while watching tv
to just get that comfortable, warm, fall feeling!

So, if you are looking for something to bring warmth and yumminess
to your home RUN to Bath & Body and get this candle!

Happy October!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Rewind. What's in my Bag?

Well Hello Lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend.

I spent this weekend in Louisville, KY visiting family friends. My Nana (mom's mom)
that lives in FL flew in Thursday night and mom, her, and I drove to Nashville
where we stayed at the luxurious Red Roof Inn!! : )

Friday morning we journeyed to Louisville and our first stop was what other than
SEPHORA!!!! Since I had mom and Nana's wallet nearby I tried to milk it for
what it was worth!! Don't judge... you know you would do the same thing... I only see my
Nana a few times a year... I deserve some treats!

I am going to break up this week's Weekend Rewind in Part I and II. This edition will
feature a few goodies we grabbed at Sephora and part II will feature some clothes
from Macy's. Ok, so wanna see what I got?!

Sephora in Louisville.
Louisville was such a gorgeous place. Our friend's house was right across the street
from Southern Baptist Theology school. That area was just so charming. Gorgeous
neighborhoods, houses, fall trees, farms and horses! Southern Charm at it's finest!

Me and who is that on my arm??!!
It's a Pippa sighting... oooooo!!

Ok, the first thing I picked up was Make Up Forever Aqua cream.

What are these?
A long lasting pigmented waterproof cream.
You can use these on their own or use them as a primer and add shadows on top
for more drama or glam!

Shade 15 is on the left and is a shimmery brown taupe color.
Shade 13 is on the right and is a champagne shimmer color.

These retail for $22. Kind of pricy for one single cream I will admit, but these
are colors I have wanted for a while. I do think these will last a long time as well.

Here is a swatch of each color.
Shade 15 (shimmery taupe) in on left
Shade 13 (shimmery champagne) is on right.

I have not used shade 15 yet, but am LOVING shade 13 as my base color and adding
MAC Satin Taupe or matte brown in crease.

Foundation may not be that interesting to some people, but this is a new
foundation I have been really wanting to try.

This is Make Up Forever HD foundation. If you follow beauty stuff at all you
have probably heard of this. Kim Kardashian uses this foundation. It was named
one of Allure Best of Beauty Awards.

This foundation is oil free and offers medium to full coverage that covers skin
imperfections while remaining invisible on screen and in real life.

So, yeah... I'm not really on any big screens but wanted to give this a try!
After using it a couple of times since purchasing I like. It's very different from what I have
been using (Clinique Even Better.) MUF has a more watery consistency
and is not near as thick as the Clinque. It blends so well and quickly into your
skin. So far I'm liking it, but will let you know if anything changes!
Retails for $40

My mother had this in her bag and after being told I looked "pale" one day
I grabbed her bronzer and gave it a try.
LOVE this bronzer. You can go and read all the nearly 2,000 reviews this powder
gets from Sephora, but this is truly a great bronzer!

The Laguna shade is perfect for me... it looked a little dark in the compact and
wasn't sure if I could pull it off this time of the year. But, do not be fooled b/c
the color blends so nicely!! Perfect color. The texture is so soft and feels great
on your skin. This is a matte bronzer so if you aren't into glitter this is the bronzer
for you! I have a new love! This will be a staple in my bag!
Retails for $33
This is a product my mom bought for my Nana. Mom bought this online a few
months ago and really loves it. I used it for the first time this weekend and it leaves
your skin feeling super soft! It has a nice warm smell to it and exfoliates your skin
in a gentle way! Now is a great time of the year to exfoliate your skin from the summer
and any tan you may have left over.
Retails for $18

So, this completes Part I and the beauty haul of our weekend. I will update you
this week with a few clothing pieces that have been added to my wardrobe!

Have a great night! Go watch Kim's Fairy Tale Wedding! : )

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Rewind. What's in my Bag?

Happy Monday People!

I am SO very excited to bring you this post!! For those of you that read and
follow this blog regularly you remember my "Slight Obsession" post about the
Pippa Middleton purse that I found in London.

I have been on the hunt for a great, structured, gray handbag for over a year now and
have not found anything that was calling my name until a few weeks ago when I was
introduced to "Pippa."

So, without further ado I bring you my new love, my baby, and a girl I like to call

The color is called "Shark" and it is the most perfect gorgeous color.
It is light enough to carry in the spring and summer, but neutral enough to
carry in fall/winter.

I LOVE the zippers on the front of the bag. This may be my favorite thing right now.
I throw my keys in one pocket and iphone in the other. I am always scrambling around
trying to find my keys and this makes things so perfect and easy!

So, along with the color being perfect so is the size. I am a
petite girl and while large bags have been on trend sometimes they are just too big for
my frame. This bag suits my size SO well! It's not too big, but big enough to get
everything you could possibly want!

This is the back of "Pippa." Love all the zippers this purse has.
I have not put anything in this zipper yet, but love that it's there if I need it.

All the zippers have these gold shells that are really cute.

So, there are 3 compartments in Pippa. I have heard that the middle
zipper is large enough to put an Ipad in.

I absolutely love the structure of this bag. It is so easy to find what you are looking
for. Everything has a place, or a zipper, or a pocket for what you need.

This is on the front of the bag. It's the gold Modalu tag.
Modalu is the company in London that sells and designs the bag.

We have shells again!! This is what the inside lining looks like!

Lilac drawstring bag that "Pippa" came in.

Here I am taking "Pippa" off to watch the Bama game Saturday with

So, I hope you will join me in welcoming my new baby into the Story Family!!
I am very happy to have her in life and know she will feel the love!

If you are interested in getting on the waiting list for this purse
It retails for about $270 USD not counting shipping from UK.

Have a Royally Pleasant Day! : )

Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fall Faves

So, I thought I would do a Friday Product Fave centered all around nail polishes!!

I am not a huge fan of fall like some people are... I enjoy certain things for sure, but
my most FAVORITE thing about fall is probably the nail polish shades. I love
painting my nails in darker funkier shades. I feel like nail polish is a trend
anyone can follow and feel good about!

So, I have picked several shades that I own and love or that are apart of the
Fall 2011 collections that I like this year!

I have provided a link to each polish to where you can purchase online. Just
simply click the name under the polish and it will direct you to a site where
you can purchase. :)

So, there you go... aren't these shades so pretty?! I love them all! I hope you will enjoy
experimenting with colors as much as I do this Fall!

Happy Weekend!

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