Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fall Faves

So, I thought I would do a Friday Product Fave centered all around nail polishes!!

I am not a huge fan of fall like some people are... I enjoy certain things for sure, but
my most FAVORITE thing about fall is probably the nail polish shades. I love
painting my nails in darker funkier shades. I feel like nail polish is a trend
anyone can follow and feel good about!

So, I have picked several shades that I own and love or that are apart of the
Fall 2011 collections that I like this year!

I have provided a link to each polish to where you can purchase online. Just
simply click the name under the polish and it will direct you to a site where
you can purchase. :)

So, there you go... aren't these shades so pretty?! I love them all! I hope you will enjoy
experimenting with colors as much as I do this Fall!

Happy Weekend!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Rewind. What's in my Bag?

Hey Guys! Hope you had a great weekend and are feeling
ready for a new week!

So, this weekend was filled with Friday dollar movie and Target shopping with
Jana Banana, watching the Bama game Saturday, almost getting a dog, church on
Sunday, and then hanging out with some friends Sunday afternoon.

Here is what you will find in my bag this past weekend:

Mossimo Taupe Wedges: $24.99

Xhilaration Taupe Zipper Dress: $24.99
It zips all the way down and has this cute funky pattern.

Jana and I both walked away with this dress...
I tried to get her into a funkier pattern and I think
we achieved that! She dissed a few of my options though... : )

Mossimo Tanks for $8

Mossimo Long Sleeve Red Tee: $16.99
This is the back view.

Merona Gray Suede Wedges: $29.99
I love these shoes! They are really comfortable!! I wore them Saturday night
out to dinner with skinny jeans and Sunday to church! GREAT shoe!

Olive/Hunter Green Mossimo Scoop Tee: $12.99

Xappeal Short Camel Boots: $44.99
Jana and I both were on the hunt for these specific boots b/c my roommate
bought these this season and they look so cute with skinny jeans or dresses!

These boots actually came from Rack Room and since we both got a pair
we got the bogo. So, these cost us $32 a pop.

Black Mossimo Scoop Tee: $12.99

I got my shoes and fall on this weekend! Trying to get ready for the season!

Hope you have a great day!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Product Faves

TGIF and Happy Official Day of Fall Ya'll!!!

I know most of you are so excited to embrace the season of cool weather,
football season, scarves, boots, and jackets!

So, this week I wanted to feature products that I don't personally own, but desire
to own and have in my collection one day. I do a good bit of research on products
before I buy them. When I go into Sephora, Ulta, MAC, or Target
I pretty much know what I want to buy because I have either:

A. Read Great Customer Reviews on the Product
B. Seen a Tutorial Video Promoting the Product
C. Heard friends or family rave about the Product
D. Read about them in Magazines

So, without further ado...
Here are 6 products I have chosen to be on this Friday's Fave List
because of the great things I have read and seen about them.

I have never personally tried this, but this will be my next foundation purchase
because of the awesome things I have heard from people who have used it.
Apparently, it gives you more coverage than your average tinted moisturizer all while
keeping your face from getting too greasy or oily. If you have dry skin you can get this
in a non oil free version.
Bobbi Brown is one of those brands I have always wanted to get into. Her products
tend to me a bit on the pricy side, but I love her philosophy on make-up
and really promoting natural beauty. I have heard people say no other concealer
they have ever owned compares to Bobbi Brown so I am dying to get my hands on
some of her concealer. This set is designed for under eyes darkness and circles.
One shade conceals while the other sets it in place.

Have you heard of Mally?? This is a new face and name for me personally.
Mally is a make-up artist/stylist to celebrities and promotes a lot of her products
on QVC. About a month ago I was watching a special on this product called
"Poreless Face Defender."

It has been named the most innovative product by QVC as well as Customer
Choice Award. It is a clear powder that sets your make-up and hides your pores. It does not build up layers on your skin and make you look cakey like powder often does.

Mally claims she has not used translucent powder on her high profile celebrity
clients in TEN YEARS!! This product is designed to make you look younger,
protect your skin, set your make-up, and many other things!

This product just makes me giddy to write about because I HATE powder and
the look it gives! This seems like such a stand out because literally nobody
has on the market! : )

If you are interested in trying some of Mally's products that include the Poreless
Face Defender, QVC has a REMARKABLE deal today that I have already bought
this morning and am SO excited about. It is a SICK deal.

The Defender alone retails for $40 and you get a whole set of 7 pieces for $63.36
and trust me when I say this... I have heard outstanding reviews on all of the
products included in this set. So, if you are interested...
Click Here and get it while it lasts!!

Urban Decay has a great blush they call cheek tint. I have one of these in the shade
"Bang" that I used this summer and is gorgeous. The color I have featured above
is "Fetish" and I think it is a lovely shade for Fall.

The product feels like butter and glides on effortlessly to give you a subtle
glow and dewy effect.

Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Highlighter
Good luck finding this product anytime soon because apparently from here to
Hong Kong is sold out and everyone is on the prowl for this new Fall must have!
Estee Lauder released their Fall Mercury line and this gorgeous highlighter used
to highlight cheekbones, cupid's bow, and eyelids is on everyone's want list. It
retails for $40, but literally don't know where to find it right now.

Good Luck!

Another Urban Decay fave! Isn't the packaging on this product cool? I mean
it is a bit bulky, but very creative to say the least. This shade is in "Naked" and I think
it's just a great neutral to go with anything. If you have never heard of Urban Decay
then I would HIGHLY recommend you getting introduced with the "Naked Palette."
I as well as several friends I coaxed into getting LOVE it and it gives you so many
arrangements do play with on your eyes!

Have a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Slight Obsession

Happy Hump Day!

Ok, I just had to blog about this b/c I feel like I am borderline obsessed
right now and need some feedback. One thing you should already know about me
is that I LOVE handbags. I have been on the hunt for a great gray purse for
over a year now and have just not found that one that screams...

Well, until last night...

Let me introduce you to a bag that is all the way in London and is named
"Pippa" after Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton's sister. If you don't know who
Pippa or Kate are you should probably just stop reading! You know Kate Middleton
who had the wedding of the century this past April in that quaint little church in
London called Buckingham Palace! Yeah, that's them!

So, last night I began my search online. Searching for gray bags I went. It didn't
take me long before I ran across a purse blog called Bagbliss. This is where
the obsession started. So, her website led me to the actual website in London
where this bag is sold, Modalu. OF COURSE the bag is sold out and is highly sought
after right now especially in Europe because this is the actual bag that Pippa herself
carries and has famed uber popular! I am on the waiting list, but am very hesitant
because from what I have read/heard when this bag has come in before it sold out
the first day!! What if I'm not around when I get the email? What if everyone gets to
a computer before I can? Then what? Then what?? ha!

Ok, so enough talk you say... let's see this bag!

The color is called "Shark." Isn't it pretty? I mean it's just a great
classic/clean bag. It's not going to ever go out of style. I love that and I
LOVE the color. It's such a unique gray. I feel like the color can go all
year long. Love the zippers on the front too and the gold hardware.

So, it has 3 different compartments.
I love structure and organization in a purse so this makes me very happy!

Here is the beautiful Pippa with her "Shark" bag.
I think this picture was taken after the wedding and this is when it became
the most sought after bag in the UK.

Here is another picture of her carrying the bag.

She also has the bag in this camel color... which is also GORG, but
I am sold on the shark shade.

Here is a youtube tutorial on the bag where you really get a feel for
what the bag looks like! : )

So, I have never been one of those people who has waited for such a sought after
celebrity kind of item. I feel like an obsessed groupie or something. I mean YES, I think
the bag is all the more attractive because a girl like Pippa carries it and has
such a classic/polished/modern style. Maybe I would kind of feel apart of
the Royal Family when I carry it, but with all that said I really really do love the
purse and it is what I have been looking for...
Structure. Gray. Classic. Hardware. Size.

So, here are my options:

1. Wait on Modalu to contact me by email when the bag comes back in
around October and HOPE that I get the notification and have time
to purchase.

2. There is literally ONE person selling it on Ebay. If you even try to contact this seller
and make an offer I will hunt you down. No, really. The problem is it's a
pre-own. I have talked to the girl selling and she only used it for a month and is ready
to move onto another bag. She said it's like new. But, I'm not sold on her price either.
She is jacking the price up and trying to profit off it b/c it is sold out everywhere.

Once I find something I want... I. WANT. IT!!
N. O. W.
ha... so stay tuned for my future decisions on this bag!

Comment below and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Rewind. What's in my Bag?

I am skipping my iTUNESday for today and maybe for a while... who knows!

Time for Weekend Rewind, What's in my Bag?
Your going to be disappointed that I actually didn't have any cute clothes,
accessories, or make-up, but did have some fun memories!

My sweet friend, Lonnie, came over Friday night for pizza and a movie
and I coaxed her into doing a Lush mask with me! We chose to do the
Brazened Honey that claims to polish skin that is in serious need of a boost.
If you didn't read my Lush Haul post... this is a cosmetic store that hand makes
products with fresh all natural ingredients.

So, this is my second mask I have tried that I bought and I have to say I'm not just
sold on them. They are very different b/c they have to be refrigerated b/c the ingredients
are so fresh. I love that part of it, but the consistency is very chunky and a bit messy.
I guess I was expecting greater results... I wanted my skin to just feel amazing, soft,
and bright. hmmm. Maybe my expectations are too high for a $6.95 mask.

We are goofy! I love my Lonns! She is like the baby sister
I never had! We are the same person in many ways!

Then Saturday I went to Morgan Creek Vineyards for the annual
Grape Stomp and wine tasting! This was my first year to go and it was
such a great day! Perfect weather and great atmosphere.
For those of you that are not aware... Morgan Creek is a vineyard/winery in
Harpersville, AL that produces muscadine wine. You can buy their wines at
Publix and other grocery stores across the state.

Here is Alison getting ready to go into the tasting. Doesn't she look
SO cute!

This was the bucket of stomped grapes that we shared!
Ya'll it was the nastiest feeling ever!

We decided to share a bucket to be cute! This is us stomping away!

Our feetsies after. YUCK! If your wondering what shades we have
on our toes.
Me: Expresso Your Style by OPI (left)
Alison: Smokin Hot by Essie (right)

Our classic hand on hip pose by the vineyards.

And again...

What a goofball! She HAD to frolic around.

Saturday night I went over to my friend Valerie's house and got to meet
her oh so sweet aunt Ida Sue who has started selling a skincare line by Rodan and Fields.
You may know them as being the dermatologists that founded Pro-Active for acne
prone skin. Well, they have developed a new line that targets more mature skin and
your skin type. So, this was kind of like a product launch party.

As you can see above they classify your skin into categories of reverse, anti-aging,
unblemish, and smoothe based on a quick 5 question survey describing your skin
and problem areas.

This is my friend Val... she is AWESOME! Love this girl. We used
to work together and I forgot how much I missed her and all our "talks" about
life and relationships and different perspectives. BUT, lucky for us we have
totally reconnected lately and it's been SO much fun!

Anyway, what she is doing in this pic is a technique they call "Rolling." This blue
device she is using is actually patented by Rodan and Fields. You use this device after
you have cleansed your face. With comfortable pressure you roll your entire face and
neck 4-10 times changing directions. After rolling you would then apply the serum or night

So, why roll? What is the point of this?
It is designed to amp up your anti aging results. It is non-invasive skincare roller clinically
proven to safely and effectively condition the uppermost layers of the skin to allow
for maximum benefits.

What does it feel like?
VERY interesting! Don't quote me on this, but I think this device has some kind of needles
in it so it has this tingly feeling that in a way is kind of like a finger prick, which I know
does not sound very pleasant to put on your face, but it doesn't hurt.
Doing this technique allows your creams and serums to not just sit on the surface of your
skin, but go inside where needed.

Another interesting fact:
This product was named by The Today Show as one of Best Anti-Aging Products
for 2011. :) I love The Today Show so this makes me happy!

For more information contact: IdaSue Cumbie


NOT!! Val just let me where her gorgeous ring during the party!

It was a fun weekend! Good times. Good friends. Great memories.
Thank you God for richly blessing my life.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Style Monday

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Time for another edition of
My Style Monday.

Sorry for the awkward poses on this chair, but I am having a hard time
finding a good place to capture my whole outfit. I'm not very camera savvy.
I need a 101 with Rachel.

Shirt: Gap this season
Short: Black Express

Nail Polish: Expresso Your Style OPI
Got my mani/pedi with me mommy Thursday and it was FAB!
I am in LOVE with this color... I feel like it could be my go to
Fall shade! : )

Shoes: Leopard Ballet from Belk (have no idea when I got these)

I was going to try to combine my Weekend Rewind into this post, but decided I would
do it justice and let it be a post of it's own. So, look for that tomorrow! It includes
face masking, grape stomping, wine tasting, and a Rodan and Fields product
party! Stay tuned.

Have a FUNday Monday!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Ok Thursday!

Hey Ya'll... I am doing a new post today and linking up with Neely.
So, here's to my first It's Ok Thursday...

It's OK...

That I had $20 in my banking account this week and booked a trip
to NYC with 3 girlfriends for next month! (Savings account)

To be sad that my roommate of 5 years is getting married and
moving out in December, but I am really looking forward to living
on my own and being a big girl!

That I haven't changed my cat Harley's litter in a month, but I still
want a puppy really bad! (gross I know)

That I spilled coffee all over me and my Brookstone blanket this morning.

That I am learning at 27 years of age that it is REALLY ok to be
very honest, open, and vulnerable with your friends and cry like a baby
when you need to and it doesn't make you weak. Being composed and put
together is way over-rated!

That I really enjoy my job b/c of the flexibility and bonus perks, but am
SO over it and may be ready to move on.

To DESPISE tweezing my eyebrows even though they look horrific!

To be excited and nervous that I am making an appearance in a dance club
this weekend for the first time in 3 years and I am driving my car b/c I'm
not sure I can make it past 1:00 am!

To thank God every day for blessing me with the most AMAZING
friends and family in the world... and also realize some friends that you
thought were a good friend really aren't as great as you thought and maybe they
only want to be a friend when it's convenient for them!

That I can't wait to see my Mom today b/c she is treating me to a mani/pedi!!!

Happy Thursday to ALL!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekend Rewind. What's in my Bag?

Happy Hump Day!
So, I have been a little behind this week with some of my posts... sorry! I thought
I would go ahead and show you what was in my bag this past weekend!

So, Friday night I spent time with one of my besties, Jana! We went to see Horrible
Bosses at the dollar theatre... terrible movie! Don't waste your time renting that one. After our
movie we headed over the the Galleria for some shopping time at the good ole Forever
of 21. Do you ever find yourself buying things that look like what other people would wear
when you shop with them? WELL, let me just say shopping with Jana led me to pick up
MANY cardigans. I didn't walk away with everything that I tried on, but Jana did have some
influence on me and all her crazy cardigans! Now, if I can just get her to paint her nails
dark and try some funky tights! : )

Basic Beige Cardi with pockets for

Bama inspired Cardi with pockets

This is my favorite! Love this shirt dress with some
black tights and boots for Fall!

I grabbed two pair of skinnies in this dark wash
and unique gray
$10.50 a piece!

Saturday I went off to the southeast largest flea market in Tupelo, MS. My mom and I have never been before, but they go to church with some people that love to attend. They only
do the flea market the second weekend of every month so I guess it's kind of a big deal.
It was a neat atmosphere... not as big as we had expected, but I think some of the vendors
were closed. It had more of an arts/craft feel to it than what I consider a flea market.
They had lots of boutique shops, home furnishings, jewelry, hand made ceramics etc.

I picked up this necklace... I thought it would be really
cute this fall for a night out or maybe even to work!

LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GUY!!!!! Ok, this flea market had cage after
cage after cage of all kinds of puppies for sale!! I have wanted a puppy for so long,
but just wrestle with the responsibility they come with. I'm not sure that I am settled
enough in my life right now to keep up with one... but, I am still debating that! : )
Anyway, I didn't bring him home, but seriously considered it. He is a mini
schnauzer pup. My family digs on this breed. The parentals have a mini as well as
my Nana and they are not dogs... they are MEMBERS of the family!

I also should say... I had a mini emotional meltdown after seeing the dogs from the local
Humane Society. Those dogs were so sad looking... I just could not take it! Walked
away boo-hooing! Broke my heart!

The last thing I picked up was a few candles at Bath & Body. They have all their
fall scents out now... can I just say they have the BEST names this year! Go online and check
out all the different scents they have! After hours of deliberation I picked the winners.
I've heard great things about the "Leaves" scent so I picked up 2 of those along with
"Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" and "Marshmallow Fireside." yummmm!!
I love fall scents!

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